Maritime Agrarians: Join The Farm Apprentices and Workers Network!

Posted by Bernard Soubry on April 17, 2016 1 Comment

Friendly soil-diggers! Friends of soil-diggers! Are you working on a farm this summer as an apprentice or fieldworker?

FAWN creates bonds of fellowship and support for aspiring farmers, farm apprentices, and farm workers, as well as a platform for exchanging knowledge and opportunities. We do this through the magic of work-parties and really good cake. It was started out of the recognition that, while the Maritimes have an incredible network of support for beginning and veteran farmers, it’s more difficult for those of us who aren’t yet farming to get access to the same network—hence, a dedicated platform.

How does it work? The main thing we do is bring people together. Every month (at least), FAWN facilitates a work party on a farm somewhere in the Maritimes, usually on a Sunday. We roll up to someone’s farm; learn about their practices and farming style through a farm tour; pitch in a few hours of work to help them out; and feast on the delights of the season. It’s a great way to get to know other people who have the same dreams, but may be in different situations—and to learn from each other’s experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

Last year, we went as far North as Sackville, as far South as Halifax, as far muddy as Maitland and as far wet as Centre Burlington. We built a massive herb hügelbed, lifted a twenty-foot hoophouse, discovered the glory of volunteer-run farms, and ate a lot of brownies. (Okay, Bernard did that. But it was an experience.)


I’m an apprentice and I’m in! You can sign up to the mailing list, and to Facebook group! Every couple of weeks, we’ll send out a message about upcoming work parties on farms across the Maritimes—and, in the meantime, you can e-mail us your questions, ideas, and suggestions for work parties at

I’m a farmer and I want to get in on this. Amazing! Definitely sign up to the mailing list here.

If you’d like to propose your farm for a work party, you can e-mail us at And if you have any apprentices of your own, send them our way!

We’re looking forward to a season full of cake and community—watch out for a work party in May.

Click here to sign up to the FAWN mailing list!

Click here to access the Facebook group.

In joy and solidarity, from New Germany, Centre Burlington, and Oxford,

– Robin Johnston, Dakota Varen, and Bernard Soubry

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