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Posted by Lilli Klamke on May 10, 2018 1 Comment

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Do you enjoy listening to podcasts?

Are you spending a lot of time on a tractor, out in your garden, or hoeing rows in the fields? Many farmers are turning to podcasts to keep their brains occupied, and there’s a lot of interesting podcast material out there. Thanks to the Young Agrarians Farmer Podcast Club, you no longer have to dig for the good ones!

Sometimes it just seems hard to choose the episodes that are going to be interesting… Wouldn’t it be convenient to pick from a “best of” list, by and for farmers?

Join the Young Agrarians Farmer Podcast Club!

You will receive a selected podcast monthly via e-mail, so you can combine your field work with year-round learning.

The podcast topics are mostly farm-related, but you will also be provided with interesting episodes that are covering a wide field of different subjects. Sign up now and have YA’s podcasts recommendations delivered to your inbox monthly!

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