Farmer Podcast Club: Growing Local Color & Interview with Lora Kinkade

Posted by Lilli Klamke on July 30, 2019

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Growing Local Color & Interview with Lora Kinkade –Reverberate Podcast, A Verb For Keeping Warm

SHOW NOTES // EPISODE 7 // Growing Local Color & Interview with Lora Kinkade

At A Verb for Keeping Warm, we have our own line of farm yarns and this past Fall we created our first lookbook. Over this first series of episodes, we are following the journey of how our farm yarns are created, starting with the sheep who grow our wool, to the designers who created patterns for our lookbook to use with our yarn. This is a story about farmers, American-based manufacturing, family-run businesses, environmentalism, trade, design, and creativity – all of these elements intersect through the creation and use of fiber and textiles which make up our clothing – that which inhabits so much memory and keep us warm.

In episodes 1-4, we followed the path of creating our yarns Pioneer, Flock, Dawn, and Ridge. These yarns are made from Sally Fox’s wool and are milled at Green Mountain Spinnery.

Now we’ve switched gears, and are following the path of how our yarn Gather is created – in episode 5, you can hear Lani Estill talk about growing the wool, in episode 6, Rob teaches us about milling Gather and gives us insight to how he incorporates sustainability into the milling process, and now in episode 7 – we hear from Lora Kinkade, the farmer who grew dye plants for us this past Summer which were used in the Lookbook collection of yarn and patterns.

When putting together this series, Kristine and I thought it would be a fun idea to group the yarn in this way, so when you knit with it, you have a real understanding of those who have participated in the process of creating our yarns. It certainly takes a village! We also hope to strengthen the pathways of creating farm yarns – so we hope by sharing this information with you – more will know about the details of the process, and perhaps be drawn to participating, and / or help innovate to create a strong, efficient system of making American-based wool yarns.

In this episode, first, I speak with Kristine Vejar the owner of AVFKW, and then I share an interview with Lora Kinkade.

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