Farmer Podcast Club: Alberta beef, outbreaks and the flaws of industrial farming

Posted by Lilli Klamke on June 02, 2020

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Alberta beef, outbreaks and the flaws of industrial farming: Gary Hirshberg on NPR – CBC Front Burner Podcast

Released May 21, 2020

Canadian cattle farmers are having a hard week. The beef industry was already struggling after deadly mass outbreaks of COVID-19 hit the heart of Canada’s meat processing industry in Alberta, causing temporary closures, slowdowns in production and a backlog of cattle. Then on Tuesday, president Donald Trump mused about the possibility of terminating trade deals that allow for imports of live cattle into the U.S. Paula Simons is an independent senator from Edmonton and a former journalist who covered Alberta’s cattle industry. She was also one of the first to speak out about food inspector safety during the pandemic. Today she shares her thoughts about Alberta beef, meat processing and why she thinks industrial farming needs to change.

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