FARMER LOOKING FOR LAND: Seeking land to grow kiwis in the Cowichan Valley – Vancouver Island, BC

Posted by Kiyomi Ito on October 27, 2023

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Roger has been farming avocados, macadamia nuts and passionfruit in South Africa for 18 years in collaboration with his Canadian wife, Charlotte, who has been living in South Africa with Roger for the past 14 years. They now have a 2-year old daughter, and are immigrating back to Canada. Vancouver Island is where they feel at home and they are excited to be close to their family in Nanaimo.

After doing extensive research and meeting with fellow kiwi growers, Roger believes that the Cowichan Valley is a suitable area to grow golden kiwis. They have accumulated kiwi knowledge from fellow farmers in both South Africa and Canada.

Roger is well experienced in both business and farm practices as he has been managing his 400-acre family farm for the past two decades. Charlotte has a degree in graphic design, and is excited to grow a business with her husband and daughter on Vancouver Island. As a family, they are ambitious, and not afraid of change or physical labour. Most of all, they love adventures!


Roger and Charlotte are seeking around 10 acres of land, but are happy to look at leasing a few smaller properties of 3-4 acres each in the Cowichan Valley. They are looking for land with a lease of a minimum of 10 years, but ideally longer term so that they can see a return on their investment. Orchard structures will need to be set up to trestle the kiwis, which will be a large up-front cost for the family. The fruits will take a minimum of 3 years to come into production, and several more years before the vines reach their peak production.

The land will need to have sufficient water for farm irrigation. Roger and Charlotte will regenerate any land that needs it, and will do all the preparation for kiwi growth.

It would be beneficial for the land to have a storage barn or shelter to store the kiwi fruit over the winter. A tractor or any other farming equipment on the property would be helpful but not a must – Roger and Charlotte will be gathering all equipment as needed.

The farming family of three are also looking for a house to rent in the area while they are farming, so a small cottage on the property would also be a bonus but not a necessity.


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