FARM TRANSITION OPPORTUNITY: 31 Acre Gulf Island Bio-dynamic Farm and Vineyard, Lasqueti Island, BC

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This 31 acre, off-grid, biodynamic Lasqueti Island farm and vineyard is for sale! The landowners would love to see the farm be passed to farmers who will continue the legacy they have started. The property is ideal for co-op ownership as the zoning allows for three residences and three cabins, as well as B+B use, perfect for hosting farm stays, workshops and agri-tourism. The owners are offering a transition period where they can be available to mentor incoming farmers and show them the systems of the property.

The Land and Location

  • 31.35 acre (12.69 hectare) property is located on the sunny southwest quadrant of Lasqueti Island, BC.
  • 3.5 km from the ferry landing and downtown, for easy accessibility for walking, bicycling and driving between island facilities (post office, health centre, general store, recycling centre, free and gift store, art centre, school, bakery, deli, restaurant, pub, gas station, garden and farm feed store, propane station etc.) and the farm.
  • Lasqueti Island is the warmest island in Canada with a plant hardiness zone of 8A. The farm has a sunny south facing aspect and everything is designed to maximize solar benefits.
  • Property may be subdivided down to three 4.05 hectare acre minimum parcels. Existing zoning allows for one dwelling and one 600 square foot cabin per 4.05 hectare (even if not subdivided). Each residence occupied may have 3 B&B rentals.
  • The property has a 4.05 hectare area in natural woodlot at the north end of the farm. This area has a gravel road in and has potential for site with view to Texada Island and Mount Trematon on Lasqueti Island.
  • Wilderness abounds with hiking trails and 320 acres of oceanfront Crown Land, contiguous to the farm. This includes gravelled equestrian trails and roads.
  • Wildcrafting, mushrooming and foraging in abundance.
  • All infrastructure, residence and buildings are less than 10 years old with some new construction in 2015/2016.
  • Low taxes with farm status qualification (property taxes are $350 per year – farm status with homeowner grant).

welcome gate


  • Bio-dynamic farming practices of the entire property including vineyard and farm production, wine grapes, fruit, vegetable, meat and eggs.
  • Class D Retail License for on-farm slaughter to supply the local restaurant/hotel/store or farm gate sales (heritage breed beef, pork, chicken, goat, lamb).
  • Generous orchard fruit trees – heritage apples, plums, cherries, pears, apricots, kiwis, figs, Aronia, blueberries, currants and a hazelnut orchard.
  • Farm has a three acre peat bog with existing pasture and canal that could alternatively be converted to excellent blueberry production.
  • Farm has potential for on-island dairy license without quota – more licensing information available from the vendor.
  • Pasture for cattle, goats and sheep.
  • Equestrian paddocks in place for horses.
  • Hayfields
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Various smaller animal shelters, animal stalls, chicken coops.
  • Marketing websites are already built for eco and agri-tourism:



  • Property has a producing and developing vineyard with Pinot Noir, L’Acadie Blanc grape vines and other new French hybrids amenable to natural wine growing. Approximately 4 acres have been developed with beautiful structured soil by using Biodynamic practices. About 3 acres of this are planted, mostly with Pinot Noir but L’Acadie Blanc vines are being extended as we find them to be very productive and highly resistant to any fungi. L’Acadie Blanc is a complex hybrid that produces excellent still wine but we like it best as sparkling (and Petnat)- we find it on par with French sparkling wines (see L’Acadie Vineyard, NS for more on sparkling wine potential and gold medalling L’Acadie Prestige Brut). Our vines are planted three feet apart with rows 4 feet apart. The balance of the 4 acres is in terraces and what is left to plant would be considered the grand cru as it has the best sun exposure of all.
  • There is also an additional 6 acres that could be turned into more vineyard for planting. Further expansion of the terraced vineyard is a readily realizable opportunity and one other site has been partially pre-prepared already for planting.
  • There are two ponds, water tanks with pressure compensated drip irrigation system deliver direct to each vine. The terroir includes south-east aspect terraces built on the lower gravelly slope of Arbutus Mountain.
  • The vineyard has been organized so that it will be easy for even the novice to take over and the owners will provide transition assistance. This is the classical natural wine vineyard of the future. The top natural wine bars in Vancouver are clamoring for product and importing from France as there is no local available for them. For more information on natural wines see
  • Our additional winemaking crop comes from Aronia berries. Aronia wine is very popular in Europe and there are many gold medal winners to try over there, but not in Canada, yet. See more information on our Aronia berries at
  • Vineyard is deer fenced with high tension 7 foot high woven wire fencing. Farm has cross-fenced pastures.
  • Trellising infrastructure of the vineyard is built and approved to certified organic standards.
  • Above the vineyard is a massive bluff area with ocean view suitable for picnics. The picnic area also provides beautiful pastoral views over the vineyard to the ponds, pastures, farm and farmhouse with a Red Cedar and Douglas Fir forested backdrop.

Vineyard Pond


  • Owners’ residence with wine tasting bar and chef’s kitchen for hosting B&B and workshops. Private second story deck and entry to owners’ quarters with living room and dormered office, large master suite and full 4 piece bathroom with soaker tub. Large 9 meter long cold storage pantry with additional kitchen work area with stainless steel sink, arborite counter and cabinetry for prep area with separate entrance at back of the house. This area also includes laundry and 2 piece bathroom. Outdoor glass covered patio with adjoining al fresco entertaining area off the main kitchen/tasting bar. Main residence is 1000 sq. feet main floor and 650 sq. feet second floor.
  • Winery building (main floor1500 sq. feet) has 2 upper suites (upper area 1200 sq. feet). Studio 1 is finished with French doors with generous outdoor second story viewing decks, secondary kitchen, 3 piece bath. Large second viewing deck on south end from Studio 2 which is at lock up stage.
  • Winery exterior completed, extra thick foundation, insulated heritage style winery doors.
  • Large equipment garage (2 bay interior, 3rd bay for high equipment/boat house) with matching heritage style center opening oversize wood doors.
  • Adjoining cheese/wine making room with concrete floor with drain to septic field.
  • Front garden yard has a feature red cedar architectural gazebo with kiwis and roses, suitable for ceremonies.
  • High quality European design and finish using sustainably sourced materials, including Douglas Fir and Red Cedar milled on site.

House Fall

Power and Water

  • Off-grid infrastructure and farm’s own power plant includes solar and private licensed micro-hydro (produced by farm’s own creek system). Electrical system has regular 120/240 V AC “city style” power outlets and light switches in the home, winery studios and shop, 24 V system for freezers and fridge, and 240 V system for electric irrigation and water pump, and dryer. All this utility infrastructure provides added benefit of no electrical bills (i.e. nil operating cost).
  • Radiant heating to owners’ residence, guest studios and winery building are provided by engineered Seton wood boiler system with heated envelope (German) piping and radiator hot water system. This utility infrastructure provides added benefit of no heating bills (i.e. nil operating cost).
  • Hot water for household. studios and commercial areas is provided by boiler and also with back-up on-demand propane systems.
  • Back up 8 KW diesel generator is located in a separate power building.
  • Two sets of septic fields servicing domestic, the winery building, studios and commercial areas.
  • Abundant natural water sources, including a 360 foot deep drilled well, clear-water gravel filtered dugout (6 meters deep), natural ponds, canals and Danmark Creek drainage which flows through the farm’s valley bottom. Danmark Creek is the main drainage for the Oben Lake and surrounding watershed. There is abundant water all year round for farm, household, guest studio and working needs.
  • Provincial water licenses are registered for irrigation of vineyard and farm crops, for domestic use and for in-stream power production.

Dug Pond with Hydro Dam SL 1

Lasqueti Island

Lasqueti Island is accessed by regularly scheduled passenger/light cargo ferry service and Island based weekly scheduled barge service to French Creek (Parksville/Qualicum Beach area) on Vancouver Island for vehicles and larger items. Smaller Lasqueti Island barges are also available for auto transport, animals and equipment. A super sized barge service runs from Vancouver capable of bringing heavy equipment, fuel and infrastructure items.

Island residents strive to live a self-sufficient lifestyle and produce their own power via micro-hydro, solar, and/or wind mechanisms. Phone and internet services are available. On island, you will also find a school, health centre with weekly nurse and quarterly doctor visits, post office, community hall, arts centre, volunteer fire department, two dance and yoga studios, a restaurant/pub/hotel with a gas station, a smaller café/grocery, two provincial parks, mechanics with fully equipped garage service, and a farm, garden & feed supply store.

Note: Additional private property is held contiguous to the farm by the current owners. Listed under Elderberry Lane Farm subdivision, more lots are available for purchase, possible to expand operations, including the top of Arbutus Mountain with panoramic 360 degree ocean views to the mainland and snow-capped peaks of Vancouver Island, Strathcona Park, Denman and Hornby Island, and Mount Trematon Nature Reserve on Lasqueti Island. Ideal for an eco-retreat, tenting yoga retreat area with 7 look-out benches/sites at the summit and more on other view promontories. Multiple income streams could be created, depending on your areas of interest. Property also adjoins 320 acres of undeveloped Crown Land Ocean Front that offers nature trails, beaches and a wild westcoast nature experience.


For more information, reach out to Jeannie Shaver, realtor for the property, at or 250.937.1015.

View the realty listing here.

PS – If you are interested in farming cooperatively and want to connect with others who are also want to collaborate, share what you are looking for this new Young Agrarians Co-operative and Collaborative Connections Facebook group!

28 thoughts on “FARM TRANSITION OPPORTUNITY: 31 Acre Gulf Island Bio-dynamic Farm and Vineyard, Lasqueti Island, BC

  1. Hi there…I’m very curious about this property. We have a small 5 acre farm in the Kootenays, with the regular small hobby farm animals and a large biodynamic garden. My passion are my fibre sheep, though, and growing yarn as well as plants for dyeing the wool. I am curious how much land is designated for pasture land and if there is a barn. Also, are there photos available of the buildings? And of course, how much are you asking? Thanks so much,

  2. I would love to have more info I’ve been to leviathan studios a few times a number of years ago and the island has my heart ❤️ I would love to live off the grid and my husband has dreamt of having something like this and a place where he can make wooden furniture and myself can teach yoga , healing retreats , moon circles and art ❤️ We would like to know obviously how much it is and pictures of home and buildings ❤️ Thank you

  3. was trying to look up more info on this farm, as my uncle lived on the island for many years as grader operator for the roads, he was Bruce Sampson. i have never been on the island but would be Kool to visit in the summer, thanks,

  4. I would love to take on this beautiful project.
    My family is in the wine industry in Portugal.
    I have a big passion for biodynamic farming, regenerative farming, Permaculture and seed saving.
    We are a family of three.
    Me : Miguel Loureiro,
    My wife : Suzanne Loureiro, and our daughter : Luana Loureiro.
    Our baby is 8 months old, and we have been manifesting a more breathable place to live, where we could do what we are passionate for.

    Here we are.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Noelle,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll forward it to Azja, the Land Matcher for this opportunity. She will get back to you via email.


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