LAND OPPORTUNITY: Farm Sharing Opportunity near Edgewood, B.C.

Posted by Hailey Troock on April 01, 2020

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The property is 80 acres of fertile bottom land in the Inonoaklin Valley, near the small community of Edgewood, BC. Edgewood is located just over an hour from Nakusp, across the Needles Ferry, and 2 hours from Vernon, both with local Farmer’s Markets.

Much of the land is forested or pasture, with about 6 acres of rich cultivated gardens. The farm has been in operation there for 20 years, building up a successful market garden business. Their focus is on storage root crops such as carrots, potatoes, cabbage, garlic etc, that grow well in the cool wet climate of the Kootenays.

There are two creeks on the property, one currently developed for irrigation, drinking water and micro-hydro. Much of the pasture and gardens are fenced, but maintenance and new fencing is needed yearly. The farm has a small cattle herd, and draft horses as their main cultivation power source. They have always used organic practices; the land is not currently certified organic, but they are seeking re-certification.

IP Edgewood


The land owners are seeking long-term partners to share the land and farm cooperatively with. Ideally they would like another family to build their own home on the property and run their own independent farm-based business plan that complements the current farming operation.

There are plenty of unfilled potential niches on the farm, such as establishing more perennial crops like tree fruit, nuts and berries; raising small livestock such as poultry, sheep or pigs; or growing niche products such as flowers, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, seeds, bedding plants; or processing value added food products. Bring your own dreams and vision to the land and you will receive support making them reality.


There is access to 1 acre or more of excellent cultivable soil for your own farm based business venture, access to wild land and pasture, and access to natural water source. No housing or grid utilities available, but sites available to set up a trailer, tiny home, camp site etc. Access to resources such as tools and farm infrastructure. Being part of a strong community in a beautiful rural area.

The landholders are looking for people serious about farming, who can work independently on their own business and who can contribute to the farm as a whole, offering more to the system than they take out of it.

This opportunity is for people with significant experience in farming already and some saved capital for creating their own infrastructure and projects. The landholders would expect a negotiable minimum labour exchange for access to the land and eventual lease.


People interested with little experience, capital, or plans are welcome to apply for a seasonal apprenticeship:


See their Facebook page for more information on the farm:


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