FARM SHARE OPPORTUNITY: Off-Grid Bio-Dynamic Farm – Lasqueti Island, BC

Posted by Kiyomi Ito on March 28, 2023 8 Comments


24-acre farm on Lasqueti Island that is currently in farm status. The land is a mix of gardens/orchards, fenced fields, ponds, established woodlands, and bluffs.


I am looking for a young couple who are interested in small-scale organic (but not necessarily certified) gardening/livestock farming to work the land.

Lasqueti is a small, off-grid community with a population of approximately 400, so I am not expecting a huge income to be made by the farm – $5000 would suffice, to maintain farm status.

I am nearing retirement and am spending more time on Hornby Island, where my daughters and granddaughters live. Therefore, the farmhouse is also available for rent. The farmhouse is a beautiful, off-grid, straw-bale, passive solar design.

Because of the sensitivity of the systems, I would like to have one room in the house be “mine,” so that I could come and check on the systems/house, staying one week every two months. When I am not in my room, I would pack my belongings away, and they could be used by the renters. In order to make this farming opportunity attractive and viable for potential farmers, I am asking for $1200/ month in rent. 


This opportunity is available immediately – for independent, self-reliant, adventurous young farmers.

For more information, please email me at 

8 thoughts on “FARM SHARE OPPORTUNITY: Off-Grid Bio-Dynamic Farm – Lasqueti Island, BC

  1. What a beautiful place, indeed…

    My wife, daughter and I are 38, 1, and 47, respectively. Just wanted to get that out in hopes we still qualify as a “young” couple ;). We having been praying for the right opportunity to keep the torch of common sense and respect for the Earth alighted with the ultimate dream of having our own healing center…

    I am looking to become a Naturopathic Doctor, and the nearby Boucher Campus is one of four schools that I looked at as contenders for my education. As to farming, I’ve spent three years in the landscaping, construction, maintenance, and gardening of a 3-acre property in Niwot, CO replete with greenhouse and 1/4-acre garden plot which produced greens of all description: corn, pumpkin, squash, alfalfa, and some healing herbs (Scottish thistle, hawthorn, etc.). Only thing missing from it was a contingent of animals: the loafing shed blew down in 90 mph winds and was, unfortunately, never reinstated… My wife will have completed her two-year agricultural technician course examination this June, and is just a genius involving anything plant or animal-based. Her knowledge of flowers, trees, and birds is phenomenal. She has a genuine love of plants and animals which extends far beyond the norm.

    We are currently residing in Turkey with a breakable lease up in July, and are interested particularly in knowing what your farm’s income yield per month is–is the $5000 you mentioned a monthly, yearly, or primary crop harvest figure? The house is beautiful and there would be no problem with you keeping yourself and property on it during a rental period as stated.


    Cigdem (Chee-dem), Olivia, and David Byrd

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