FARM JOB: ABBOTSFORD, BC – The Happy Hoofer, Hoof Trimmers Assistant

Posted by Michalina Hunter on February 19, 2019

the happy hoofer

The Happy Hoofer in Abbotsford, BC is seeking a permanent hoof trimmers assistant!

About The Happy Hoofer

Our company provides mobile hooftrimming services to mostly Dairy cows in the Fraser Valley. We do travel twice a year to Armstrong and 3 times a year to Quesnel/Vanderhoof region.

The Happy Hoofer chute keeps cows standing upright while supporting their belly and legs. 30 years ago when we immigrated and brought this new chute system with us some people thought there was no difference, and most at the time thought we were nuts. Not long after immigrating everyone started switching over to this method and it became adopted as the main way to trim hooves in CANADA

The Happy Hoofer also uses manual clippers, and not the more popular grinders newer hoof-trimmers have chosen. That is the way Kevin has always done it, and says that he prefers the more natural technique, it keeps him right in there with the hoof, and he can feel everything he’s doing, and it seems less disturbing to the cow and the cows waiting to come in next.

Our main goal is cow comfort & health. The end result is higher producing cows with longer/healthier life spans.

the happy hoofer

Desired Qualities

Reliable, fun to be around/good sense of humour, comfortable around animals, can be professional and courteous around some of our more traditional farming families. No experience required we can train on the day to day stuff but be able to think on your feet, and keep up with a pretty consistent pace. Each cow has the same routine so its easy to get into a good rhythm.

Job Tasks

Bringing cows into the chute from a holding pen, lifting up their feet to lock them in for the hooftrimmer, daily set up and take down of our work area.

the happy hoofer


Job Details

Term: Starting as soon as possible, and the job is yours as long as you want it and could be a longterm career for someone. Training is available, as well as an opportunity to see us in work to make sure this is something you could enjoy doing.

Hours: The average day is no more than 5 hours, and varies based on what farm and how many cows that day. Most days we are done by 1:30 but staff will have access to the calendar well in advance and be able to see what the days look like. Most days you are working inside of a barn but some farms you will be out in the open.

Wage: Starting wage is $70/day with an increase in salary after 6 month probation. Paid weekly on Fridays.

Any out of town travel is all expenses paid and optional to the employee, but we try to make the out of town trips fun and like a working vacation stopping to explore new areas and try different restaurants.

the happy hoofer


To Apply

Please email your resume to or call us 604-864-1690 to come by and see what a days work looks like.

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