FARM JOB: Summerland, BC – JOY grounds, Onsite Spanish-speaking Soil lover

Posted by JoHana Harcourt on October 20, 2022

JOY Grounds in Summerland, BC is seeking an onsite Spanish-speaking soil lover!

ABOUT JOY grounds

We are looking for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable individual or couple to live on site in Summerland BC. The combined skillsets would include a farm business planner, gardener, labourer, 2022/2023 winter caretaker. We are also looking for help with homemaking and preserving foods during the summer/fall. Could be an individual or a couple but we think likely best suited for a couple.

As we build out the farm model and other business, we anticipate there being additional work opportunities, however to start, ideally this couple would also have some other work on the go. They might also have a child if they don’t need a separate bedroom. Private living quarters on site – 800sq ft studio space – separate building. Has full kitchen, bathroom, washing machine and dryer, kitchen table, queen bed, nice view. 😊

We are a young family of four living on a 1 acre property in the Prairie Valley/Dale Meadows area of Summerland, BC. The property is zoned A1 and is within the provincial ALR. It is beautifully situated, hiking/biking trails right out the front door, a 20-min walk to downtown Summerland, baseball diamonds and park just down the road, cideries and wineries nearby. We love it.

It is primarily our residence, yet we need some team mate(s) to help us nurture our home and the land itself into a more diverse and functional space, giving back more to nature than it takes.


The ‘Outside’ focused half of the couple/individual: You’ve got an open mind and experience with biodynamic/permaculture type farming sensibilities. You are enthusiastic and eager to help with whatever is needed. You love having your bare feet on the earth, connecting with Pacha Mama, creating healthy soils/composts/gardens/animals. You have a green thumb, you are a self starter, your are proven to be reliable and able to self-direct. You can think on your feet, set and follow priorities. You are handy, you can find your way around a shop, fix irrigation, etc. You have a valid driver’s license. Ideally you and/or your partner have excellent communication skills in both English and Spanish.

The ‘Inside’ focused half of the couple/individual: You love kids and helping with their education, you love grocery shopping and cooking. Meal prep, making fresh salsas and sauces, keeping indoor spaces generally tidy and sharing the Spanish language and your culture with our children is very valuable and appreciated.


We seek :
Grounds Caretaker. Input in the creation of an overall farm business plan, noting we are naturally more aligned with the values of biodynamic agriculture/permaculture/food forestry. Plan to include animals, food forestry and gardens, as much carbon sequestration and soil building as we can muster. There are big trees already on site including 4 black walnuts, a hazelnut, 4 Norwegian maples and a couple of evergreens. We have some backyard chickens and will consider growing the flock. We have a few small fruit trees, one of each: apple, peach, plum, apricot, etc. as well as blueberries.

1) Homemaker, we have two beautiful kids aged 6 and 9 whom we’re homeschooling, and hoping to bring Spanish into the mix and to help out in the main house. Help with meal planning, cleaning the home, freeing up some of Mom’s time with the kids.

2) Overall, we would like to create a natural beautiful setting that gives more than it takes. We want to replace the traditional lawns with more drought-resistant and soil-building grasses, and/or turn some of these spaces into gardens. Considering things like clover, mosses, or other more native grasses that build soil and sequester carbon. Would like to build a meditative walking labyrinth as well as a small market garden/greenhouse.

We are open to considering making strategic investments on site to help with the density and ‘critical mass’ of the project’s potential income. With one acre we’ll have to be very diverse and creative. Ideas include a passive solar greenhouse (some design underway already). We also have at least one neighbour nearby with some land in the ALR that could present a lease opportunity in order to grow the total land area for the overall the farm business plan.

In the meantime, Jan to March 2023, we seek someone living on site who is suited to take care of the property, the chickens, and our 2 cats, while we are away on a Spanish language learning trip with our kids. The winter time is hard to do much outside, but would be a great time for farm planning, getting applications going, gathering seed, starting plants for the spring plant, while keeping the driveway clear of snow and checking on the main house daily.


Term: Start date: Immediately
Duration is flexible. We are open to long term.

Hours per month: TBD based on your skillsets and desired focus, likely to vary with the seasons as we get things planned out and rolling. Inside work in the winter ~40hrs/month when we are here. Less while we are away. Outside ~40hrs/month spring thru fall, or less unless you have a permaculture planning sensibility, etc.

Wage: Hourly rate: dependant on skillset but likely $20/hour and looking for 60 hrs/month (seasonability ok)

Private living quarters on site – 800sq ft studio space – separate building. Has full kitchen, bathroom, washing machine and dryer, kitchen table, queen bed, nice view. 😊 Good for single or couple. As opportunities and the business case grows, so can the hours. $1000/month


Please tell us as much about yourself as possible, after all we will be living on the same property ;). Please provide references and ask any questions you like. Looking forward to meeting our match!

Deadline to apply: Nov 18

When applying, please mention you saw this posting at

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