FARM JOB: Salt Spring Island, BC – Earth Candy Farm, Farm Worker

Posted by Michalina Hunter on January 31, 2022

Earth Candy Farm on Salt Spring Island, BC is seeking a Farm Worker!

ABOUT Earth Candy Farm

We produce fruit, vegetables, flowers, and pastured meats. Our farm is a small intensive plot (1.5 acres) on a 15 acre farm that has forest, elevation changes, two streams, and a pond. We are 5 minutes to town via car. We mostly work the land by hand but have both a walk behind tractor and a full size tractor with tiller/mower/plow for certain operations. We sell all our produce through our on-site farm market, which is open two days per week. Most of our flowers are sold wholesale to florists in Vancouver and the rest of western Canada.

We are interested in protecting and enhancing the natural ecology and biodiversity of our land. Soil health is a big focus and we employ minimal tillage techniques, cover cropping, amending with rock dusts, reduced plastic use, crop rotation, companion planting. Producing nutrient dense food is very important to us. Our farm is not certified organic.


  • has an interest in organic food and farming
  • enjoys a versatile work environment with many different jobs
  • can perform both manual labour and repetitive detail work with accuracy and speed
  • is flexible and open minded
  • has a cheery disposition
  • has good teamwork and is willing to do the less glamorous farm tasks


The general farm apprenticeship involves working in every aspect of the farm business. Two days per week (Tuesday and Saturday) are dedicated to harvesting, running the market, and catching up on tasks. Two days per week (Wednesday and Thursday) are focussed fruit and vegetable crop production days. Friday is spent packaging and preparing products for our farm market. Farm apprentices will also participate in animal care (goats and pigs), landscaping, infrastructure maintenance and repair, fencing, and general farm cleanup and organization. Apprentices will learn how to grow organic fruits/vegetables/flowers at the hand-scale, raise animals, and run a farm retail business.

There is an opportunity for one apprentice to focus on flower production as outlined in the Flower Apprentice job posting.


Term: April 1 – October 31 but flexible to candidate

Hours per week: 40

Wage: 15.20 BC minimum wage


Please submit your resume and cover letter to

When applying, please mention you saw this posting at


Instagram: @earthcandyfarm

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