FARM JOB: Pouce Coupe, British Columbia – Wildwood Farm, Farm Team Member

Posted by Kolby Peterson on February 04, 2021


Wildwood Farm is looking for a Farm Team Member this season! You will get to be involved in all aspects of operating a mixed farm.

We currently raise grass-fed cows, pastured pigs, and free-range chickens for eggs and meat. We milk a couple of dairy cows, and grow annual and perennial gardens for our fruits and vegetables. In trying to keep nutrient and life cycles continuous on our farm, we grow the grain for the pigs and chickens on farm, and grind some of it into flour for ourselves. The hay that our cows and horses require in the winters is from Wildwood pastures. We have a small apiary and tap birch trees to add a touch more sweetness to the farm.

Wildwood Farm is mostly human and animal powered – we use draft horses to accomplish much of our mechanical work. We believe the farm should feed and nourish the farmers who live and work here, the animals that live here, and then surplus will nourish the nearby community. It takes a lot of effort to grow a year-round, diversified diet, and we are inviting someone here who is passionate about food, simple living, and working in community.

Please visit to learn more about the work expectations and daily routines of the Farm Team Member.


Accommodation will be included in this job. We have a cabin that might be perfect for someone who loves rustic living, and a farm house that will be available for common projects, bathing, wifi, shared meals, etc.

A personal vehicle will be required, unless you do not require or desire frequent off-farm trips.


Term: May to October 2021 (semi-flexible start and end dates)

Wage: We are offering a monthly salary (pending the approval of a grant). If not approved, we can offer a monthly stipend plus free room and board.

Hours: Monday – Saturday, Sundays off. Your schedule will be between 30 and 40 hours a week, depending on weather and critical projects.


Please visit, which will direct you to our online application form.

Please submit a resume to Kolby at, and to reach out with any questions.

DEADLINE: MARCH 31st – but applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so the earlier the better!

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

~ The Farmers of Wildwood

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