FARM JOB: GIBSONS, BC – Persephone Brewing Co, Full-Time Farmer

Posted by Michalina Hunter on November 19, 2019

Persephone Brewing Co. in Gibsons, BC is hiring a full-time farmer!


Persephone Brewing Co. (known locally as “The Beer Farm”) owns and operates an 11-acre property with a brewery, a tasting room, lawns to hang out in, 1 acre market garden, 2 greenhouses, a garlic and raspberry patch, 6 acres going into cover crop this fall (was hops), and 217 apple trees. We sell through our CSA (Summer and Fall), local Farmers’ Markets (including one on site every Sunday), to local restaurants, and through our tasting room.

For machines we have: a tractor, a hand tractor (BCS), a mower, a tiller, full irrigation, and a variety of other farm tools.

We are not certified organic yet, but we are working toward regenerative agriculture. The farm is an integral aspect of our company, along with the brewery and tasting room.  We strive to be inclusive of differently abled people and to build community.

gibsons, sunshine coast, bc

Desired Qualities

Experienced farm hand with a desire to be a farm manager.  Experienced in tractors, fields, and fences.  A passion for agriculture, willing to work hard. Self-starter, independent. Able to bring ideas to generate additional revenue on the farm.

gibsons, sunshine coast, bc

Job Tasks

For the coming growing season, we are leasing out our current market garden plot in order to focus on the remaining acreage–the barley, apples, and perhaps getting more ground ready for market gardening. You will be responsible for the farm and its budget, but at least for this first summer, will not have to focus so intently on the market garden.

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Job Details

Term: Our current farmer is committing to us through year-end, but we would begin someone else ASAP. It is a permanent position.

Weekly Hours: Whatever is required, approximating 40 as much as possible.

Wage: Minimum wage. More negotiable dependent upon experience.

If desired, a location on the property for you to occupy for the purposes of seasonal accommodation (e.g. tent, trailer, etc.), and access to, and use of, kitchen/bathroom facilities on the property while said seasonal accommodation is occupied.

You will be accrue vacation pay at a rate of 4% (equivalent to 10 paid days off per year based on 40 hours per week).

gibsons, sunshine coast, bc


To Apply

A resume and cover letter, or a letter which expresses both their interest, qualifications, and experience.  Reference are a plus. Email to 

Learn More About Persephone Brewing Co. 


Instagram: @persephonebrewing

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gibsons, sunshine coast, bc

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