FARM JOB: KEREMEOS, BC – Old Tower Farm Orchard and Nursery Worker

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Old Tower Farm Apple Blossom

Old Tower Farm is an organic heritage orchard in Keremeos, BC. They are seeking an orchard and nursery worker for April to November!


We farm on 8.5 acres of land that varies from rocky to clay loam. This land has been in orchard production since about 1908 and has heritage buildings. The location is the farming community of Keremeos / Cawston. We are a 15 minute walk from Keremeos. We produce apples for the wholesale market, nectarines for the retail market, and apple rootstock for the Canadian market. We do a small amount of fruit packing on the farm. We have always used conventional farm equipment such as tractors, weed weed eaters, and hand tools but starting in 2016 we are also using electric equipment (platform and girette) to reduce noise, air pollution and our need for fossil fuels!

The farm has been certified organic since 2001. We are committed to production methods that conserve the soil and water resources that we are so lucky to have. We have raised our family on the income from the farm so it is very important that it is also financially sustainable.

Find out more about Old Tower Farm:

Old Tower Farm Apple Picking


We require an employee that is committed to working for the whole growing and harvesting season (April – late of November). They need to be strong, fit and able to work in all weather. They should be comfortable doing a wide variety of physical work, from hand weeding, to working on a ladder, to digging irrigation lines. An ability to work independently, cooperatively and under direction is important. We really value employees who bring their own unique skills and interests and adapt them to the needs of our farm, maybe leaving the farm a better place than it was when they arrived!


Tasks include: planting apple trees, setting up and fixing irrigation pipes, pulling weeds, thinning fruit, operating weed-eater, harvesting and sorting apples, and apple rootstock, assisting with carpentry (bins and building repairs).

Old Tower Farm Apple Blossom


Position duration: Early April to late November. There will be opportunities during the summer months to take some time off (approximately 2 weeks total) as it fits with the work requirements on the farm.

Hours: 40 hours per week, mostly Monday – Friday. Weekend work may be required during critical periods of thinning and picking.

Wage: B.C. minimum wage to start, with higher pay according to experience, accomplishment, and work ethic.

Accommodation: accommodation is available on the farm with a private entrance bed/sitting room with private ensuite bathroom and kitchen in walled tent just outside.


Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Old Tower Farm Apple trees Nursery


3 thoughts on “FARM JOB: KEREMEOS, BC – Old Tower Farm Orchard and Nursery Worker

  1. Greetings from Edmonton

    Hello Keromeos my name is Shar i came as a visitor last year and fell in love, the beauty. Stopped at every fruit stand couldn’t get enough Three days of camping. Beautiful even with the fires. Came across your Ad in jobs and I knew I had to apply. A true outdoors women, hard working,mature, exceptionally friendly, healthy lifestyle,independent, roughed, a Barber by trade twenty years, now working at Costco would love to apply for a position with your farm from April to October 2019 to experience a beautiful BC summer an experience like no other growing the nectar of the gods….what a summer I think!
    If your looking for a truly honest, hardworking employee then I offer you my services this growing season of 2019… talented with tools,wide knowledge of equipment, mechanically inclined
    Please feel free to contact me if you need more information @780-237-1456
    Thank you

    1. Hi there,

      This job posting is from last year so I’m not sure if they are also looking for an employee this year, but you could contact the farm via their email address listed in the blog post.
      You can check out our current job listings here:


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