FARM JOB: VANCOUVER, BC – Hives for Humanity, Lead Beekeeper

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hives for humanity vancouver beekeeping job

Hives for Humanity in Vancouver, BC is seeking a Lead Beekeeper.

About Hives for Humanity

Hives for Humanity is a Non-Profit Society that seeks to create meaningful opportunities
for engagement in supportive and inclusive community, through the bees. We are
looking for a beekeeper to join our team, to mentor under our Chief Beekeeper, taking
over responsibility for the health of our honeybee colonies in our Urban Therapeutic
Apiaries in Vancouver, and supporting colonies in Delta.
This position will work closely with our CEO and Community Engagement team to
support training and work opportunities, community and public engagement at all sites,
but will be primarily focused on colony health.
We are excited to have the opportunity to expand our team, building our capacity to offer
our programming, through a model that demonstrates the interconnection of social and
environmental justice.

Desired Qualities

  • This work is suited to someone with the following skills:
  • Five years or more of beekeeping experience, capable of independently managing
    colonies for health and honey production;
  • Strong leadership, communication and self-reflection skills;
  • Physical capacity to lift beekeeping equipment (50lbs), and capacity to work

Job Tasks

  • Work with openness and dedication to fulfill the vision and mission of the
  • Maintain and promote the health of all assigned H4H honeybee
    colonies, managing:

    • Nutrition, temperament, balance, disease, loss, replacement of livestock and production of honey.
    • Cleanliness and appearance of apiaries.
  • Report on colony health to Chief Beekeeper, taking direction for management and treatment, making timely requests for support, and tracking colony health.
    • Colonies: 50 in the city, in sets of 1, 2, and 4 depending on location, with larger yards in Delta of up to 30.
    • Various locations including community gardens, rooftops of supportive housing and business partnerships, community centres, farms and fields.
  • Build and maintain professional relationships with partners and participants in programming.
  • Support delivery and facilitation of beekeeping workshops, courses and mentorship program, following Best Practices.
  • Transportation: hold a valid driver’s licence. Reimbursement based on km for use of personal vehicle.

hives for humanity vancouver beekeeping job


Job Details


  • Seasonal work: April – October: 3days/week.
  • November – March: 1day/week.

Wage: $22/hr, with review and basic health benefits after 3 months.

Start Date: April 1st, 2019

To Apply

Applications due: March 11th, 2019

  • Send cover letter and resume to
  • Please use subject line: H4H Lead Beekeeper Application 2019
  • Thank you for your consideration; we appreciate all applications, and will only be getting back to those we are calling forward.

Learn More About Hives for Humanity


Instagram: @hives4humanity

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