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Posted by Michalina Hunter on April 20, 2020

grovenland farm, farm job, saskatchewan, lanigan, young agrarians

Grovenland Farm in Lanigan, Saskatchewan is hiring a farm hand for the 2020 season! 

About Grovenland Farm

Grovenland farm is a mixed farm set in the open prairies of Saskatchewan. We have a market garden that grow for a 35 member CSA and 2 rural markets. We also have a variety of pasture raised livestock: grass finished beef, heritage breed pastured pigs, pastured chickens (both for meat and eggs). We sell all of our products directly to the consumer, through farmers markets, csa, our online store and through a couple resturants/butchers and one local retail store.
We have three quarter sections (480 acres total) that we use for yard, gardens, pasture and hay land. We transitioned the farm into what we see today about 9 years ago.
We are two households, 2 generations of family farming together, with the 3rd generation “in training”. We hired our first staff last season, but have hosted WWOOFers for many years.
Our farm continues to grow and evolve to follow our skills, passions and dreams. We believe in producing good food for our neighbours and community in a way that is environmentally sustainable and just for all of creation. We are not certified organic, although much of our farm follows organic practices. Rather than shipping organic grain for our pigs and chickens we are sourcing local grains from neighbours that meet our stipulations. We are proud of our farm and love to share it with others, so we welcome visitors to the farm anytime. We have taken Holistic Management and are influenced by permaculture and apply those techniques to our farm.

grovenland farm, farm job, saskatchewan, lanigan, young agrarians

Desired Qualities

  • Primary responsibilities are to tend to the garden work, but we are looking for someone who wants to learn about all aspects of the farm, from the gardens, to livestock care, handling and butchering, to marketing.
  • We want someone who is willing to learn, as we enjoy teaching.
  • We want someone who is hard working and physically able to do manual labour.
  • Someone who is flexible and handle changes in tasks as they sometimes abruptly happen on the farm.
  • We want someone who wants to be part of the farm family, as we have 3 children, and 4 adults (plus occasional volunteers) on the farm who eat many meals together and share the work load.
  • Drivers license is an asset (rural and no public transportation).
  • Ages 18-30 an asset because we may be getting a grant that allows for partial funding of a youth position.

grovenland farm

Job Tasks

  • Primary Responsibilities in the garden, including soil prep, seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, packaging, food preservation
  • Animal care: feeding of pigs, chickens, rotating cattle to new pastures
  • Fencing: putting up temporary fencing or repairing
  • Butchering of chickens on farm, collecting eggs
  • Attending farmers market or assisting with deliveries

grovenland farm

Job Details

Term: May to October preferred. Flexible dates, but due to the seasonal living quarters May-early October are best.
Hours: Flexible based on your desire to work and our need 30-40 hours/week.
Wage: $15/hour -can be negotiated.

grovenland farm

Room and Board

Room and Board is available. Room consists of a 30′ camper trailer next to the farm house. Has kitchen, power, and cold water, outhouse. Bathroom in the house is also available for use.
Food: Eat together with family for supper, mainly of food produced on our farm. You may be asked to help prepare the main meal occasionally. Prepare your own breakfast and lunch in house or camper.

grovenland farm, farm job, saskatchewan, lanigan, young agrarians

To Apply

Contact Ben and Lisa Martens Bartel. Please send a resume and cover letter to Lisa at detailing why you want to join us for the season and if you have any conditions or stipulations on your part.

Learn More About Grovenland Farm

Instagram: @grovenland_farm

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