FARM JOB: LUMBY, BC – BC Timber Goats, Goat Supervisor/Herder

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bc timber goats, lumby, farm job

BC Timber Goats in Lumby, BC is hiring a Goat Supervisor/Herder!

Would you like to wake up every day and help prevent forest fires, how would you like to spend your days controlling and reversing climate change and improving the environment?  That is everyone’s goal who practices regenerative, sustainable and organic agriculture. Working with BC Timber Goats you can wake up each day and make a quantifiable difference to your community and the environment.

About BC Timber Goats

BC Timber Goats is a goat-based fuel mitigation and vegetation management goat herd.  We raise kiko X goats and deploy to regional areas to help reduce wildfire fuels and excess vegetation in target areas.  BC Timber Goats is based in a steep river canyon outside of Lumby, BC and we use trailers, bikes, dogs and hockey sticks to herd goats though steep mountain terrain.  We market our services to regional municipalities for vegetation and fuel mitigation and our brand, BC Timber Goats, supplies sustainable lamb and goat meat to the Vancouver market from our network sustainable farm and ranchers.

bc timber goats, lumby, farm job

Desired Qualities

We are based in the Vernon area for the 2019 browsing season and looking for one or two part-time workers that would be interested in learning goat herding and husbandry as a trade to help us grow the business, the goat herd and capacity to deploy on large goat browsing contracts.
I am looking for one or two part time herders that can watch the goat herd while I work on the business one or two days a week as well as cover the occasional weekend watching goats. Ultimately this opportunity would lead to full time employment when the herd deploys to contract locations and lead to a herd manager’s position. Summer students are welcome to apply along with anyone interested in learning the goat trade.

Job Tasks

What makes a good goat herder you ask, well goat herding can be a fun and relaxing job at times and physically demanding at others. There can be lots of mountain hiking and some bushwhacking but the effort is worth the reward. The typical day starts at 5 am when I wake up with the herd get a quick teeth brush and feed my herd dog Charlie. I then grab my hockey stick and day bag and start watching goats. We try and let them do their thing, but since I have some pretty wild goats I have to keep them on the property we are targeting so I usually walk around the perimeter of the herd to keep them together.  Charlie helps bump the stragglers into the herd while I sometimes will run over and head off a group that is out of the target zone.  Usually just the physical presence of the herder or dog is enough to bump the goats back in the right direction and this concentrates the goats in an area and has a great effect on fuel and vegetation reduction.

bc timber goats, lumby, farm job

Job Details

Start Date: June 1st 2019 or earlier

Hours: 10-20 hours per week.  Usually just day shifts covering the goat herd for 3-5 hours at a time building to the occasional weekend shift leading to full-time hours deployed on contract.

Wage: $20 per hour, accommodation and meal program available

How to Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter describing your education and experience, why you want to work with goats, and any camping experience you have to Livestock experience is an asset, but most of all a genuine passion for animals and the outdoors. Strong work ethic, positive attitude and integrity a must! Locals Welcome!

When applying, please indicate that you saw this posting at

Learn More About BC Timber Goats

Visit the BC Timber Goats website.

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2 thoughts on “FARM JOB: LUMBY, BC – BC Timber Goats, Goat Supervisor/Herder

  1. Hi there,
    We’re looking for goat grazers to clear the brush and weeds off our property of 6 acres. Our lot is on Anarchist mountain east of Osoyoos. We’ve learned this is a great environmental friendly way to clear land. If you do private work or know who does, please let us know.
    Trevor and Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I’m not sure if BC Timber Goats will see your comment here. It’s probably best to reach out to them at their email address, located near the end of the posting.


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