FARM JOB: AVA Byte – Smart Indoor Gardens: Grower/Horticulturist, Vancouver, BC

Posted by Michalina Hunter on May 15, 2020

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AVA Byte – Smart Indoor Gardens in Vancouver, BC is hiring a Grower/Horticulturist for New Innovations!

About AVA Byte – Smart Indoor Gardens

AVA Technologies Inc. is an agtech startup. We invented AVA Byte, the world’s smartest indoor garden, designed for connected consumers who want to unlock their green thumbs.

We have a physical office space set up with our indoor gardens, which are hydroponic-based growing devices that use a software operating system called “AgOS” that recognizes what plants are growing, and how to adjust the lighting and watering settings to grow those plants.

We’re looking for someone to help us with producing new innovations for the Byte – microgreen tray, mushroom tray, seedling growing… etc. as well as to manage our urban farm.

If you’re interested in vertical farming, hydroponics, and getting your hands dirty – this is the job for you!

AVA Technologies Inc. is a VC-backed and female-led agtech company. We are a young company looking to grow our AVA Family – are you ready to grow?


Our Mission: Empower anyone, anywhere, to grow anything.
Our Vision: A greener future where growing your own food is the new standard.
Our Purpose: Grow more to give more.

basil farm job vancouver young agrarians

Desired Qualities


  • Must be Canadian PR or Citizen
  • Preference to reside in BC, Canada and be able to join us in our office once COVID-19 passes to manage our grow room
  • Must speak English fluently


We encourage you to apply even if you do not think you meet all of the qualifications.

  • 3+ years of growing, urban farming, QA, and/or cultivation experience in an urban farm
  • Post-secondary degree NOT REQUIRED but if you have one, preference for studies in landscaping, sciences, farming, forestry, or horticulture
  • Preference for specific studies in horticulture, biology, nutrient development, plant breeding and genetics, encapsulation, substrate development, greenhouse, biochar, peat, hydroponics, aquaponics

Must Have Experience With:

  • Leafy Greens, Herbs, Urban Farms, Hydroponics

Great but Not Necessary to Have Experience With:

  • Cannabis, Tomatoes, Edible Flowers


  • Willingness to be hands-on for testing, prototyping, and iterating
  • Love for plants, growing them, and eating them
  • Ability to maintain a clean, safe, and productive growing space
  • Time management skills and demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and to effectively manage multiple projects
  • Highly adaptable to learn, understand, implement, teach, and enforce technology solutions or software
  • Multitasker who can work well in a high pressure, multiple-deadline environment, even under minimal supervision and direct styles of leadership
  • Takes initiative and can exercise independent judgement given appropriate overall direction and objectives
  • Knowledge and experience in greenhouse, hydroponic, aquaponic, and/or indoor crop production
  • Working knowledge of new technologies/methodologies in plant growing
  • Strong technical understanding of design, implementation, management, data collection and analysis of growth chamber experiments
  • Organized documentation and written reporting skills
  • Experience with data management and data analysis
  • Ability to work well with multidisciplinary teams
  • Self-starting, ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Interested in a dynamic work environment and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • A passion for food – eating it, cooking it, looking at it, growing it
  • As a startup, we all wear many different hats; roll up your sleeves, try something new, and get growing with the AVA team!

Job Tasks

Key Projects

  • New Pod Pack Development
  • Multivariable Growth Optimization
  • Microgreen Tray and Sheet Project & Patent
  • Ongoing Grow Room Management
  • Pre-grown Seedlings and Packaging Project
  • Plant Science New Innovation R&D


  • Collaborate with our Plant Science Advisors and Plant Science Project Manager to lead research in all phases of vegetable and herb production and applied plant science research to improve plant growth success and performance
  • Work potentially with academia which may include contractors, universities, PhD and/or Masters candidates
  • R&D on our pods and seedlings, including substrate mix, encapsulating nutrients, improving formulations for slow release
  • Testing pods and systems to improve yield, nutrition, quality, tip burn, bolting resistance, and improved characteristics like appearance and taste of crops
  • Developing, testing, and launching new pods
  • Developing, testing, and launching a new innovation – microgreen sheets
  • Manage our R&D lab for running experiments, monitoring plants and systems, data collection, taking measurements, analyzing data, creating summary reports, propagation and transplanting, and keeping plants thriving
  • Educate and manage colleagues in the new pods including claims, benefits, growth times, taste, and growing recipes
  • Working with engineers and marketers to improve growing techniques, hardware, growth recipes
  • Track and report plant health from propagation to harvest
  • Understanding of processes in seed genetic selection, crosses, and generation evaluation a bonus
  • Urban Farm and Grow Room Management

basil ava farm job vancouver young agrarians

Job Details

Term: May 15th 2020, or as soon as possible. FT or PT accepted, we’re flexible with COVID-19, but our preference is that you can fulfill the duration of the whole innovation cycles.

Hours: Up to 40 hours a week, flexible!

Wage: Annual salary $35k – $60k + benefits. Hourly ranges from $15 – $30.

How to Apply

    Please send your resume and results (format XXXX-X eg. ENFJ-A) to

    Deadline to apply: May 29, 2020

    When applying, please indicate that you saw this posting at

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