Posted by Alex on August 13, 2019

Dancing Goats Farm is seeking an apprentice Goatherd/Farm Worker for September 2019 for full-time employment. On farm accommodation is available. Dancing Goats Farm is an equal opportunity employer.

Tasks and Responsibilities

This position offers the opportunity to learn about animal care and husbandry, pasture management, and relevant government agriculture regulations. The employee will assist with and be responsible for daily care of the goats including:

  • Milking
  • Feeding
  • General animal care and health
  • Cleaning milking equipment, milking parlour, and animal housing areas
  • Other duties as assigned

Experience and Physical Requirements

General livestock, farm, or veterinary experience an asset. The successful candidate will possess an interest in animals and their care and welfare, pure food, adventure, and the desire to learn. Candidates must be in good physical shape and are required to be able to lift 60 pounds to shoulder height. Candidates must be 18 years of age and legally employable in Canada.

About us

Dancing Goats Farm is an artisanal creamery in Kneehill County, Alberta, offering quality goat cheeses. We are a value added, vertically integrated agriculture business. We produce our own goat milk which is used exclusively in our cheese production. We promote our cheeses through in-store appearances, social media, charitable and sponsorship gifts, local food events in Calgary and Kneehill County, and farm tours. We love sharing the how’s and why’s of making our cheese as much as eating our cheese! Visit our website at

 To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

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