Job Filled: FARM JOB: CALGARY, AB – ABC Bees, Summer Beekeeper and Queen Breeding Manager

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ABC Bees, Farm job, beekeeping job, calgary, alberta

ABC Bees in Calgary, AB is seeking a Summer Beekeeper and Queen Breeding Manager for the 2019 season!

About ABC Bees

Apiaries and Bees for Communities (ABC Bees) is the leading educator and innovator in apiculture in Alberta since 2010. Currently “there is disparity between the Canadian demand for queens and our breeding industry’s current capacity to meet the required quantity and timing. Educating beekeepers on the value and availability of local queens is a key challenge.” (Bixby, Guarna, Hoover, Pernal, 2018, p. 22). With the IRAP funding, we plan to take our current breeding practices and develop an easy to follow field guide for stock selection, mating yard selection and maintenance, and queen sales and storage. Our goal is to support the local queen market for all beekeepers creating a diversified and self-sufficient farm model in apiculture.

We are dedicated to supporting innovation in the beekeeping industry by working on developing replicable management protocols that will increase apiary productivity and self-sufficiency. We are the only treatment-free beekeepers in the province, and one of a few that raise and sell queens to the public.
ABC Bees is receiving IRAP funding to hire a beekeeper with skills supporting the development of a Hygienic queen breeding program with ABC Bees Apiaries and Two Pine Apiaries in Calgary and area.

Desired Qualities

The job requires that the applicant is UNDER 30 years of age until 2021 and own and drive your own vehicle.

The beekeeper will be responsible for coming with Eliese to BC to train in queen breeding practices for April 1-10th or May 9-18th for early season training (paid) then officially start working in the Calgary and area apiaries following our return, and will end mid-October (school schedule respected, if you are in post-secondary).

The job requires time management, coordinating queen management schedules, developing a protocol in hygienic bee sampling, as well as execution of general apiary tasks.

Skills MUST include: confidence in managing bees, handling bees without gloves, eagerness to learn, and understanding of bee lifecycle and breeding practices.

ABC Bees, Farm job, beekeeping job, calgary, alberta


Job Tasks

The employee would be required to aid in standard apiary management. As well, there is training that will be included in their position in Salmon Arm, BC. This training includes supporting Sweetacre Apiaries in their queen breeding program in early April and early May. Then, after training, selection of ABC Bees Alberta breeding stock will be made based off of NBDC lab results and field testing (standard VSH testing methods). Queen breeding program begins mid-May in to August with a goal of developing and raising up to 100 queens this 2019 season. This is a full-time position requiring the employee to drive to and from apiary locations, organize paper work reflective of hive-queen health and development throughout the season, as well as applying current biosecurity implementation of farm equipment storage and organization. The results of breeding program will be reviewed and published in to an easy step by step process to be reviewed and used for 2020’s second season of sampling and review.

Job Details

Term: April- September/October, 2019 (24 weeks of paid work in total)

Hours: 35 hours per week

Wage: $15-$25/hr depending on experience. A review will be made of the employee in late June. An opportunity for a raise or end of season bonus is available. This can include either money or bee stock and equipment.

ABC Bees, Farm job, beekeeping job, calgary, alberta


To Apply

Please offer a cover letter and resume to

Please answer the following questions in your application: 
How many years of beekeeping experience do you have?
What is the highest level of education you have completed?
Are you in Calgary, AB?
Do you have a valid drivers license?
Do you speak english?

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