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bc timber goats, lumby, farm internship

BC Timber Goats in Lumby, BC is seeking an apprentice!

About BC Timber Goats

BC Timber Goats is located on a steep river canyon outside of Lumby BC.  We run 150 head of Mostly Kiko Cross Goats for wildfire fuel mitigation and vegetation management.  Most days are spent hiking and watching goats with a bike and a hockey stick makes a pretty good shepherds hook.  There is a herding dog charlie and soon a few guard dogs.  BC Timber Goats is supported by a network of sheep and goat breeders and those products are sold into the Vancouver Restaurant market.

BC Timber Goats is a climate action company dedicated to providing goats with the most natural and healthy life possible.  We are committed to waking up every day and giving goats a safe and healthy place to live, while the goats in turn help make our community safer and healthier for our own use.  We have the utmost respect for our goats and the land and our goal is to pass on our passion to our partners everywhere and grow the regenerative agricultural movement one goat herd at a time.

bc timber goats, lumby, farm job

Desired Qualities

A good goat herd apprentice should love working with animals and spending time outdoors.  Physical fitness is key because there is lots of hiking and even some bushwhacking.  Days start early and end late so the apprentice would be expected to cover some shifts watching goats and helping our when we do herd check ups and maintenance.

Job Tasks

Watching goats and training and feeding herd dogs.  Keeping the goats together in a group and focused in a certain location.  Camping out with goats and making sure they have access to water and feed and are protected from predators and keeping them off roads and people’s private property.

bc timber goats, lumby, farm job

Instruction Offered

I plan on continuing my education with TRU’s Applied Sustainable Ranching and will be training my apprentice to the same standard and even encourage them to get involved with the program.  I will be working along side the person, training and mentoring them with the eventual goal of getting them comfortable handling the goat herd themselves so that I can spend more time working on the business.

Additional Learning Opportunities

BC Timber Goats is located in the heart of an excellent ranching community and I myself have many resources from TRU’s ASR program and would also like to get my apprentice involved in some of the other administrative work.

Job Details

Start Date: June 1st 2019 or earlier

Hours: 10-20 hours per week

Stipend: There is a stipend of $200 per week with the possibility of part-time leading to full-time wages when the program gets fully funded.

Room & Board: Room and Board is provided in a 5th wheel RV and indoor lodging is also available at the movement.  Locals are also welcome to apply.  Apprentices are to live on the farm/ranch with integrity and respect for others and their property.  Chores mostly include watching goats.

How to Apply

Please provide a resume and cover letter and include why you want to work with goats and any outdoor camping experience you have to Goat husbandry, horse and livestock experience a plus!  I look forward to hearing from you.

When applying, please indicate that you saw this posting at

Learn More About BC Timber Goats

Visit the BC Timber Goats website.

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2 thoughts on “FARM APPRENTICESHIP: LUMBY, BC – BC Timber Goats

  1. This is in response to your Facebook post for an apprenticeship.
    I reside in Ross Spur BC (Near Salmo) on an 11 acre forest lot in an off-grid cabin that I built for myself.
    For me without extensive mechanical help, that I do not have, I cannot maintain the extent of bush to ensure significant wildfire mitigation.
    I am an engineer in my 60’s but still amazingly healthy and really active but with little animal husbandry experience.
    I would be really interested to introduce goats here to help on the property (as well as in the area).
    Besides me being really interested in this opportunity – do you think I could benefit or be a good fit in your program.

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