Family Seeking Ranch Land near Prince George, BC

Posted by Jolene Swain on May 15, 2020 2 Comments

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My name is Kayla Shallard and I am a young farmer in the Prince George area. Recently I started my own Agri-business, KMS Land & Cattle Company, where my focus is to produce sustainably raised meat products that are sold direct to consumer. Along with custom land management: crop and/or grazing.

Currently I have 100 mother cows, meat birds, layers and hogs. As an advocate for all things agriculture I pride myself in educating my customers about today’s farming practices and helping them make local connections. Alongside this I am an active 4H leader, a member of the local cattlemens, and a director of BC Young Farmers.


My past experience includes dairy herd management, large cow calf operation management, and all things agronomy. My education: degree in Agricultural Business Management, agriculture technology diploma along with many other Ag related certificates. 


I run all of my animals on leased land and facilities and am working on expanding my operation, open to lease and/or purchase. My ideal property would include the following: 160-750 acres, barn, hay storage, fencing. Family Housing, bus route. I am flexible and open to all opportunities.


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2 thoughts on “Family Seeking Ranch Land near Prince George, BC

  1. We have land in Quesnel that could be used for smaller livestock. We used to have llamas and alpacas, plus chickens, emus, goats, sheep, etc.. when we had 40 acres. Now we have 5 acres….We are seniors that might be interested in having sheep or small livestock in partnership with young farmers/entrepreneurs.

    1. Thanks for your comment Linda!

      I’ll forward this to Jolene, the Land Matcher for the region. She will get in touch with you via email.


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