October 17: The Epic Tasty Pastry Potluck & Farm Tour, Comox Valley, BC

Posted by Kristen Nammour on September 21, 2015

Squash Harvest - Merville Organics Pie Potluck Young Agrarians Event

 Join Young Agrarians in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island for an Epic Tasty Pastry Potluck and farm tour of two of the farms of the fledgeling co-op, Merville Organics!

WHEN: Saturday, October 17, 2015 | 4PM-10PM

WHAT TO BRING: Delectable, scrumptious pie! Of all sorts! Savoury, sweet, fruity, spiced, bring them all. Shepherd’s Pie, Rabbit Pot Pie, Salmon & Dill Pie, Berry Pie, Pumpkin (Winter Squash) Pie, Apple Pie, the possibilities are just about endless. The Merville Organics farmers will be whipping up a few tasty pies to share with you all using veggies and meat we raised this season, bring your own pie creations to share.

Squash Harvest - Merville Organics Pie Potluck Young Agrarians Event

WHERE: The potluck will be hosted at Green Arrow Farm / Umbella Farm, both located at 3764 Minto Rd, and both members of the Merville Organics Growers’ Co-op. Land sharing, vegetable growing and pastured chicken raising will be part of the farm tour. We’ll also share lots of details from our first year farming as a co-operative!

Merville Organics Sign - Pie Potluck Young Agrarians Event

ABOUT THE FARM: Merville Organics is a way for five local transitional to organic farms to join forces and market and distribute their products cooperatively. For the last two years, Merville Organics has been Amara Farm and Ripple Farm, now we’ve added Green Arrow Farm, Umbella Farm, and Kloverdalen Farm, all in the Comox Valley. Based on the Saanich Organics model, our goal is to increase production and distribution of fresh, organic and transitional produce within the Comox Valley!

Once we’ve all had our fill of pie (let’s get our priorities straight), we’ll have a discussion and q&a session about our first year farming as a growers’ co-operative.

Catch up on our season here: https://www.facebook.com/MervilleOrganics

Join this event and invite your friends here: https://www.facebook.com/events/710692875742450/

#squashhack in your CSA shares this week! Check out Robin’s amazing Oregon Sweet Meat squash!

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