Short Film: Counting on a New Crop

Posted by Dana Penrice on July 12, 2019

Can two unconventional friends keep a decades-old family farm from disappearing?

COUNTING ON A NEW CROP is a short documentary directed by Brina Romanek, produced in partnership with CBCShort Docs. The film follows best friends, Sixty-six-year-old farmer Jim Giffen and quiet, 23 year-old electrician, Jonas they struggle to keep Edencrest Farm alive.

Before Giffen met Jon, he feared he would lose Edencrest Farms, a staple in the Minesing community since the early1900s. With his four children uninterested in the family business, the question of who would take over the property was looming and the idea that he would have no option but to sell was becoming a reality. Then Giffen met Jon, a quiet 13 year-old boy from the neighbourhood who desperately wanted to drive a tractor and look after cows.

At 16, after working as a field hand for 4 years, Giffen asked Jon to become successor of the farm, a rarity in a community where farms are passed down the family lineage. In COUNTING ON A NEW CROP Jon, nervous and excited, has applied for his first loan to take over the farm and embark on this lifelong journey. Working two full-time jobs to pay
for the land, and juggling a serious relationship, Jon has many struggles ahead of him, but with his best friend and teacher by his side, he hopes he can make both of their dreams come true.

ABOUT JIM GIFFEN: Jim Giffen grew up on a dairy farm. When he took over Edencrest he was one of the first organic farmers in the area. He has been recognized in his community for his innovation in growing techniques- in particular his courage to grow Asian vegetables.
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