Denman Island: TreeEater Farm & Nursery 2015 Apprenticeship

Posted by Sara Dent on January 14, 2015

TreeEater Farm and Nursery (Magdalene and Peter and Co.) are putting a call out for an apprentice farmer starting spring 2015. Get in touch if your interested, and please share this with any folks you know who might be looking for such an opportunity. Email us at

Summer Garden

About our farm:

Main Production: 1) Vegetables, Fruits and value added products for weekly CSA boxes. 2) Nursery plants: Fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes and fruiting vines 3) Development of gardens, orchards, pastures, building. We are still very much growing and evolving the farm. This year we are exited about continuing our soil (re)mineralization process, growing lots of food for the island, continuing to evolve our orchard spaces along restoration agriculture lines, continuing to build on the on-farm community, growing lots of new tree-crop species in the nursery and maybe even finishing our house!


We’ve been at creating this farm since 2004: Clearing land, planting food forests, milling lumber, building dwellings, infrastructure, and gardens. Our orchard includes over 160 varieties of fruits and nuts. We are located on Denman Island, farming about 6 of 40 acres, privately tucked in between beautiful forested parks, by marshes and a lake.


Apprentices here will learn a (very wide) variety of skills and be participate in a diverse number of hands-on projects. We are primarily looking for somebody excited about gardening! Learning and doing all the various and varied tasks that go into producing and preparing our CSA food boxes. We will also need help in our permaculture nursery, the orchard, with the animals, with our farm-based catering, and lots of other DIY homestead projects. Some applicant experience is a plus, but the main thing we’re looking for is a willingness to jump in, work hard, and do-it-all with a smile.

Apprentices live in a self-contained vintage trailer (power, internet, basic cooking) and have access to the main farmhouse, where most meals will be communally cooked and shared. We have meals with other farm community regularly, with lots of folks coming through to help out on the farm and visit, so it is a busy social place.


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