May 14: Growing for Market Workshop with Ellen Rainwalker, Cumberland, BC

Posted by Moss Dance on April 30, 2016

People in the Comox Valley are eager to buy more locally-grown farm products. On Saturday May 14 from 1-5 PM, the Cumberland Community Schools Society is hosting a Growing for Market Workshop. Participants will learn how to run a profitable business growing fresh vegetables without a lot of land or expensive equipment.

  • When: Saturday May 14, 1-5 PM.
  • Where: Cumberland Community School, Multipurpose Room, Beaufort Building.
  • Cost: $75/participant

Growing for market workshop

This four-hour multi-media workshop will cover choosing the most profitable crops, high-yield growing techniques, harvesting and handling, ten ways to sell your products locally and much more. Participants will leave with a wealth of information and a CD with over 1000 pages of resource materials.

The workshop will be taught by Ellen Rainwalker, a former market gardener who has certificates in Ecological Agriculture and Permaculture. She has a lively teaching style and is sure to inspire you to start making money supplying delicious, healthy food to your community!

To register, or for more information, please contact Sue Loveless at or 250-336-8511.