Love Food Forests & Meditation? Passionate Person Wanted!

Posted by Laura Hannant on April 05, 2014

Clear Sky Retreat Centre, in the BC Rockies of Canada, is looking for a caretaker farmer for its young pioneer one acre food forest. We seek a passionate person who loves the idea of training at a meditation center while learning and working in a cold climate food forest system. Alternatively, an applicant could live in the local area (Cranbrook/Fernie), and commute to the center once or twice a week. The position is open for a minimum 3 month commitment beginning in May 2014.


This is currently a work-stay type arrangement but there are also potentials for self directed farm income generation as well longer term involvement & enterprise opportunities into the future. Please contact us if you’re interested in this opportunity, we’d love to start a conversation.


We are looking for individuals who are have a strong work ethic, are self motivated and enthusiastic. You must be able to work independently and under supervision, with a keen interest in organic vegetable gardening, permaculture and food forests. Applicants should be physically fit and comfortable working alone and/or in a dynamic environment with volunteers of all ages.


Here are some skills you would ideally have, or would be eager to learn:

  • Knowledge of permaculture and food forests
  • Proper use and maintenance of farm tools, tractor, mower
  • Farm economics, experience running a farm market stall would be an asset
  • Knowledge of composting, seeding, transplanting, weeding, watering, pruning and maintenance of vegetables from seed to harvest would also be an asset
  • Post harvest food production
  • Experience in food processing and preservation
  • Good observation and record keeping skills

Our retreat centre will be hosting events and workshops and depending on skills and availability of the applicant these may be available at cost or included in the agreement. If interested please email Cara at Please provide an introduction about yourself and a resume. We look forward to hearing from you. /