Ceres Circle Farm – Help purchase sheep!

Posted by Emily Jubenvill on December 18, 2017

Ceres Circle Farm

Hello! We, Cecilia and Kevin, are start-up farmers at Ceres Circle Farm, an operation that has recently been gifted by its founder and currently under transition to a land trust by the BC Foodlands Cooperative. The farm will be operated as a cooperative owned by the community of Kelowna, serving as a flagship enterprise displaying the potential and importance of local foodsheds.

We are excited to be key players in this transition process! As the first farmers to manage the farm operations after its donation, we intend to pursue the life’s work of the past operator and raise lamb naturally on pasture, using a rotational system to maintain the health of the ecosystem. Since making contact with the organization FarmFolk CityFolk that is involved in the BC Foodlands Cooperative, momentum has been building steadily for the project. In the new year, we will be moving to the farmhouse on site and bringing in a flock to maintain the pastures and make use of the facilities there. We have a lot of work to do before the sheep arrive, including preparing proper housing facilities for the sheep, securing winter feed, and maintenance repairs on the farmhouse.

If you are curious about a community cooperative farm coming to Kelowna – Read on about the project, why we’re raising money to purchase sheep, and how you can help!