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2019 Farmland Values Report Recap

Posted by Darcy Smith on April 08, 2020

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Each spring, while farmers are waiting for seeds to germinate, I eagerly anticipate the Farmland Values Report published by Farm Credit Canada (FCC). Anyone who’s come out to one of our land linking events will know what a sucker I am for good data – along with the rest of our land matching team! Resources like the Farmland Values Report help us keep up to date on the challenges farmers are facing, and how we can best support. The Farmland Values Report tracks changes in the price of farmland across Canada, as well as by province and region. Increasingly, the cost of … Continue reading 2019 Farmland Values Report Recap

Opportunity: It’s time for Mentors to Apply for Funding Internships and Apprenticeships

Posted by Kolby Peterson on December 14, 2019


Are you a farmer looking to hire and mentor a young, new, or aspiring farmer? Youth Employment and Skills Program  The Youth Employment and Skills Program is providing funding in 2020 for the creation of agricultural internships to youth and youth facing barriers. This is a program of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and employers across the agriculture sector may apply for funding to hire Canadians, age 15 to 30. We reached out to inquire about their upcoming funding. “We plan to have a short intake starting Jan 13, 2020 at 10:00 am EST for the $864,000 and then another in … Continue reading Opportunity: It’s time for Mentors to Apply for Funding Internships and Apprenticeships

Kolby Peterson on farmers at the frontline of the climate crisis

Posted by Alex on December 12, 2019


This year’s National Farmers Union essay competition received a stellar submission from Young Agrarian’s own Kolby Peterson (YA Alberta Program Coordinator). She wrote about what it means to be a farmer during an era of climate change and how we can find hope in regenerative farming and building strong communities. The essay topic was “Farmers are on the frontline of the climate crisis. At this critical juncture when farmers must consider and employ climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, what does farming in a changing climate look like to you?”. Enjoy this burst of inspiration!  Hope Beneath Our Feet Kolby Peterson Like … Continue reading Kolby Peterson on farmers at the frontline of the climate crisis

Fields of Hope: Farm Photography Book Fundraiser

Posted by Michalina Hunter on August 15, 2019 1 Comment

Doublejay Farms. Photo by Andrée Thorpe

Doublejay Farms. Photo by Andrée Thorpe Local photographer Andrée Thorpe has been photographing life on farms for four years. She goes beyond capturing daily activities to focus on what it really means to have a deep commitment to the land, to the community, and to social good. She has learned that farming is serious hard work and that you cannot be afraid to embrace it.  Andrée has published a beautiful book called Fields of Hope. It is a collection of images that celebrates farmers and their way of life. With it, the goal is to create a sequence of images in unity to … Continue reading Fields of Hope: Farm Photography Book Fundraiser

Short Film: Counting on a New Crop

Posted by Dana Penrice on July 12, 2019


Can two unconventional friends keep a decades-old family farm from disappearing? COUNTING ON A NEW CROP is a short documentary directed by Brina Romanek, produced in partnership with CBCShort Docs. The film follows best friends, Sixty-six-year-old farmer Jim Giffen and quiet, 23 year-old electrician, Jonas they struggle to keep Edencrest Farm alive. Before Giffen met Jon, he feared he would lose Edencrest Farms, a staple in the Minesing community since the early1900s. With his four children uninterested in the family business, the question of who would take over the property was looming and the idea that he would have no … Continue reading Short Film: Counting on a New Crop

New farmers & Food Policy in Canada – Survey Results

Posted by Michalina Hunter on May 14, 2019

Photo courtesy of We dug up the results from a national new farmer survey conducted a few years ago. A paper was recently published on the study, and we want to share the results with you! Pour yourself a cup of tea and delve into the challenges and opportunities for Canadian farmers with us. Below is a summary of the paper with a few highlights. Please download the whole paper for more detail here: New farmers and food policies in Canada By Julia Laforge (Lakehead University), Ayla Fenton (Farmer and on Board of Directors, National Farmers Union), Virginie Lavalée-Picard (Farmer), Stéphane McLachlan (University of … Continue reading New farmers & Food Policy in Canada – Survey Results

Are you a certified organic farmer in Canada? Tell us about it!

Posted by Michalina Hunter on April 22, 2019


Are you a Certified Organic Farmer in Canada? Please take this survey to contribute to research on the social, environmental, and business motivations of organic producers in Canada.  This survey, designed by a research team from the University of Guelph, is collecting information on the motivations of Canadian organic farmers to farm organically. If you are a certified organic farmer and over 18 then you can participate! Take the Survey here: Background information Organic agriculture is growing fast and that is a good thing! However that also means that the organic movement is evolving. While this is true for all actors in … Continue reading Are you a certified organic farmer in Canada? Tell us about it!

Small Farm Software Tools

Posted by Melanie Buffel on April 01, 2019 13 Comments

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Software Tools for Small Farms, By Chris Bodnar This article has been expanded and kept updated from the original which was published in COABC’s BC Organic Grower, Volume 16, Number 3, Summer, 2013 Find more farm business resources  on our FARM BUSINESS TOOLS PAGE Many organic farms have a special binder. The binder holds field records, crop plans, a multitude of to-do lists and miscellaneous notes. The binder is sacred; should it ever go missing, the following year’s organic inspection would be a nightmare. The farm’s operations depend on a bundle of papers that, with one drop in a mud puddle, could cause a lot … Continue reading Small Farm Software Tools

SURVEY: Understanding Farmers’ Need for Seed!

Posted by Michalina Hunter on March 29, 2019

seed savers exchange survey

Seed Savers Exchange is looking for insight from farmers and seed breeders about how you source seeds. Please consider taking the short survey. Thank you! Survey for BREEDERS:  Survey for FARMERS: Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit that aims to conserve and promote America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants.  We are seeking to understand how farmers source seeds and how this process can be improved. Providing input from your experiences will help us better serve the farming community.  Questions about this survey can be directed to

Organic Vegetable Seed Production Course

Posted by Dana Penrice on March 10, 2019


WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PRODUCING ORGANIC SEEDS? WANT TO LEARN ABOUT THEIR COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION, HARVESTING, QUALITY, MARKETING, BREEDING AND MORE?  WANT TO BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS FOLLOWING YOUR OWN UNIQUE SEED-FARM BUSINESS PLAN? IF SO, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! In partnership with USC Canada through The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, COG is excited to open registration for Canada’s only intermediate-level Organic Vegetable Seed Production e-learning certificate! This 22-week program runs April 8th – November 1st, 2019 (with a summer break from July 9th – September 2nd). Designed with flexibility, this certificate program will be delivered in a part-time blended format featuring live, online instruction … Continue reading Organic Vegetable Seed Production Course