Call for Mentors: Young Agrarians Apprenticeship Program

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Mentor application deadline extended to November 6th.

We are seeking Host Mentor Farms for the YA Apprenticeship Program in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

We are excited to announce that in 2021, in addition to Alberta, we will be expanding the Young Agrarians Apprenticeship program into Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We are actively seeking farms and ranches in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to join our program and grow the next generation of regenerative agriculture practitioners.

We are looking for farmers who are dedicated stewards of the land; are skilled and enthusiastic teachers who have a passion for mentoring young and aspiring farmers; and have a farm philosophy that recognizes the connectedness of the land and people.

About the YA Apprenticeship Program

Over the past four years of running this program in Alberta, we have had 10 mentor host farms train 31 apprentices and we are delighted to be bringing that work across the prairies.

An apprenticeship that fits into your farm

As a host farm, we will work with you to design an apprenticeship experience that suits your goals and context. Apprenticeships typically take place over 4 – 8 months during the growing season. They are typically a full-time placement where the apprentice lives on farm, however that can be adapted and tailored for your situation.

Structured program support from Young Agrarians

Young Agrarians will design a customized description of your opportunity that includes specific learning experiences that you have to offer. We’ll promote it to our network and beyond. We’ll receive applications for you and set up video interviews to assist you in selecting your apprentice.

Help to create a top notch learning experience

During the program, we’ll support the achievement of learning goals through a skills check list tailored to your farm.  We’ll provide regular check-ins with both you and the apprentices to see how the learning experience is going. We are also there to facilitate communication if expectations aren’t being met or if there is conflict. We’ll also organize extra farm tours for apprentices to gather and learn from other mentoring farms.

Training on how to be a great mentor

Host mentors farms are the cornerstone of this program as teachers, coaches and guides for new farmers. We’ll provide learning opportunities for you to develop as a mentor and gain experience from other mentors involved in apprenticeships.

For full details on the program visit:

Want to know if this program is a fit for you?

Contact us! If you are in Alberta, reach out to Kolby, the Alberta Apprenticeship Coordinator, at If you are in Saskatchewan or Manitoba, contact Dana, the Prairies Program Manager at or call 780-914-6282

Apply to be a Host Mentor Farm Mentor

For more on the expectations and applying to be a mentor visit:

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