B.C. Business Mentorship Network – Feature on Peninsula Kiwi

Posted by Melanie Buffel on June 10, 2019

Stuart Basset is one of ten participants in the 2018/2019 YA Business Mentorship Program. His business is aptly named Peninsula Kiwi as he is growing kiwis in the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island. Stuart is new to the area and has developed a profit sharing arrangement with the landowner and is taking the stewardship of the land very seriously. Stuart’s inspiration to grow kiwis comes from growing up on a farm  in New Zealand, a love for working with plants and literally being able to seeing the fruits of his labour.

Peninsula Kiwi is the first business Stuart has run and he applied for the Young Agrarian Business Mentorship program to access support through his start up phase. His biggest challenges so far are in making the right connections and marketing his kiwis to local chefs.  His aim is to achieve organic certification and thereby increase his revenue potential. The business tools he couldn’t live without include Google sheets and his cell phone. If Stuart had a farming robot it would be able to do everything he does so there would be two of him! For more spring photos check out Stuart’s farm on instagram.

IMG_20190216_081440933_BURST000_COVER_TOP - 2
Kiwi vines in winter 2018/2019.
IMG_20190309_165523194 - 2
Grafting technique.

Funding for the Young Agrarians Business Mentorship Network in 2019 has been provided by Vancity, the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia, and the Governments of Canada and British Columbia. Thank you to our funders.

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