Bethany Garden Apprenticeship Program, Antigonish NS

Posted by Jennifer Cline on December 17, 2014

This program is a unique opportunity for someone to have access to land, resources, and experienced mentors as they start small-scale gardening.

The Sisters of Saint Martha are the land-owners and program sponsors for the Bethany Garden Apprenticeship Program.  The purpose of the program is to provide the opportunity for an Apprentice Gardener to learn about small-scale gardening and the best practices for sustainable food production in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

David and Jennifer Greenberg, the project managers and mentors, will develop a new garden site, set up infrastructure, and host workshops on topics relating to the garden as it shapes up for production.  Educational opportunities will be available to the public each step of the way as the land is prepared and the infrastructure set up.  When this is in place one and/or two person(s) will enter the apprenticeship program and be guided through one year of production.

bethany farm pic

The Bethany Garden Apprenticeship Program will provide basic garden infrastructure, such as a Hoop House (17 x 100 feet) and a small seedling greenhouse; a wash station; tool storage area; potable water for irrigation and washing; a BCS walking tractor; some hand tools; and compost.  Mentorship support will be provided through phone and text check-ins, a monthly visit, and through other phone and email communication as needed.  The apprentice will be responsible for seed, concentrated fertilizer, row cover, and other consumables such as fuel.

We are looking for a highly motivated, capable person who:
-has a clear sense of what they want to accomplish and learn
-has some experience with small scale gardening
-has some business experience
-has good work ethic
-is committed to ecological methods of growing food
-is able to work independently but knows when to get help.

This position is not paid, but the apprentice will be able to keep half of the net profit from the sale of produce.

If you are interested in applying to be the Bethany Garden apprentice(s) in 2015, please submit a letter of intent, a resumé, and three references to Jen Greenberg at the address below by January 10 2015.  Selection of an apprentice will take place in January 2015 so the apprentice can get started early in the spring of 2015.

To follow the progress of Bethany Garden, check out