BC FUNDING: Small Farm Business Acceleration Pilot Program

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Small Farm Business Acceleration Program

The Small Farm Business Acceleration Pilot Program can support the growth of small and/or new farms and the implementation of farm business plans and growth strategies. The program will support cost-shared purchasing of commercial farm infrastructure and equipment needed to accelerate the revenue growth of farm businesses.

Program Objective

Through the Small Farm Business Acceleration Pilot Program, small and new farm businesses can make investments necessary to achieve farm income growth goals, ensure commercial viability and strengthen financial sustainability.

Application Intake

The application intake for cost-share funding for commercial farm infrastructure and equipment will open December 7, 2020 and close December 15, 2020. The Ministry of Agriculture reserves the right to re-open the in-take as necessary.

A high number of applications are expected, and the funding requested is anticipated to exceed the funding available. Allocation of funding will be based on the potential of the project to grow their farm business as demonstrated by the business plan, growth plan and other supporting documentation.


Eligibility requirements: 

  • Commercial farm business operations whose primary purpose is the production and sale of agricultural products and is either:
    • A B.C. registered business entity (including sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, cooperatives, Indigenous economic development corporations, and band-owned businesses), OR
    • Committed to registering as a business before the completion of the project in March of 2021.
  • Primary agriculture producer growing or raising fresh food or agricultural products in British Columbia which are intended for sale.
  • Reported total farm annual gross revenue of less than $60,000 in the previous two years (2018 and 2019 tax statements) to Canada Revenue Agency. This applies to any agricultural business owned by any of the business entity’s owners, members, or shareholders.
  • All owners, members, and shareholders must be residents of British Columbia.
  • Business either:
    • Received a Statement of Completion or Implementation from the Environmental Farm Plan Program OR
    • Commits to apply for and, to the extent possible, complete an Environmental Farm Plan within a year of completing the Small Farm Business Acceleration Program.
  • Have not received cost-share funding from the Beneficial Management Practices Program (often referred to as the Environmental Farm Plan) or the On-Farm Food Safety Program in the last five (5) calendar years nor plan to apply for cost-shared funding with either of these programs in 2020/21.

How to apply

More information on eligibility and the application process are available here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/industry/agriculture-seafood/programs/small-business-acceleration-pilot-program

Need help applying for the BC Small Farm Business Acceleration Pilot Program? Watch the new on-demand Ministry of Ag webinar: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/industry/agriservice-bc/

This post was updated November 24, 2020

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3 thoughts on “BC FUNDING: Small Farm Business Acceleration Pilot Program

  1. Hi! Curious to apply for this – it looks like two separate applications, the cost-sharing for infrastructure and the business plan coaching. The language on the website for the coaching seems to say it is only for businesses who have already gone through at least 1 year of operations. We are about to start a ndw business. Do you know if that makes us eligible for either of these two funding opportunities? Thank you!

    1. Hi Hannah,

      I don’t believe they have any info on their website about this new program quite yet- it should hopefully be online in a few weeks.
      Re. the other programs, it would be best to contact agri directly with eligibility questions for existing and future programs: 1-888-221-7141 Email: Agribusiness@gov.bc.ca

      Best of luck with your new farm!

    2. Hi again Hannah,
      The ministry has just released the program information, so this post has been updated to reflect that. The application should make more sense now!
      Cheers and good luck 🙂

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