APRIL 14, 2019: CALGARY, AB – Growing Edible Mushrooms in Your Home

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Introductory Series Workshop: Growing Edible Mushrooms in Your Home


When: April 14, 2019, 1-4PM

Where3402 8 Street SE, Calgary AB (Calgary – Classroom)

Cost: $50 for the day

Register: Pre-registration is required, tickets available through Fungi Akuafo

About the Workshop

This event takes place in the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta and the City of Calgary is also home to the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region III.

Are you a small farmer? DIY grower? Landscape designer? Fungi fanatic, or local eater? Then this workshop might be for you! This Introductory Series Workshop will introduce you to the world of cultivating your own edible mushrooms at home.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The life cycle & ecology of common edible fungi species to grow in your home
  • An overview of the cultivation process
  • How to decide which species to grow
  • The equipment and techniques to create the right conditions to grow mushrooms:

Your course fee includes:

  • 3 hour lecture on growing mushrooms in your home
  • A 20% Off Coupon for a sawdust spawn order
  • A link to course material and instructions


Facilitator Bio

Meghan and Tara are co-owners of Fungi Akuafo and active participators in Young Agrarians. Together, these two amazing women use their unique skills and knowledge, plus a keen interest in permaculture to help develop local food systems and ecosystems, to make fungi cultivation more accessible to the rest of us, and to share their knowledge and experience to help make that possible.  They look forward to the possibility of meeting new faces and to get you just as interested in mushrooms as they are! You can find more information about Meghan and Tara, and Fungi Akuafo at https://www.fungiakuafo.com/


3 thoughts on “APRIL 14, 2019: CALGARY, AB – Growing Edible Mushrooms in Your Home

  1. Hello, I am looking to purchase a mushroom growing kit. Would you be able to point me in the right direction? In Calgary?
    Thank you!

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