Posted by Moss Dance on January 03, 2018

This apprenticeship at The Beauty Path in Nelson, BC, is an opportunity to learn on a growing family farm growing veggies, fruits, berries and seeking sustainable self-sufficiency.


We are a family farm growing most of our own veggies, fruits, berries. We plan to expand to a second greenhouse, and fish ponds as well as chickens and goats this year. The work would involve all aspects of a family farm, from taking care of seedlings, preparing established and new beds, spreading compost, vermiculture, pruning, to harvesting, preserving, freezing.

We will be doing fencing of a new area also this spring and building a chicken house and goat shelter. We have a huge compost operation that has resulted in fertile soil developed over many years from a forest soil base. We are not certified organic, but have been totally organic for over 30 years. This farm is part of a co operative of 7 families, on 150 acres, surrounded by the West Arm Wilderness Park, the largest unroaded wilderness in eastern BC. 

We are developing a fully sustainable lifestyle—generating our own hydro power, and this year, solar power, as well as food production. We also do a summer retreat program in pre and perinatal psychology with participants from around the world.

The Beauty Path


This is a great opportunity to learn all aspects of farming in a smaller setting. We basically don;t use big machinery. We usually have 2-3 workers, and this year are especially looking for couple who would like to be here May 1-Oct. 31, 2018. We have a beautiful small cabin for you, with a fantastic view, in an area of pristine mountain and lake country with hiking, wild crafting, canoeing. 


  • Caring for and planting seedlings, weeding, preparing garden beds with compost and other soil additives including verimculture
  • planting seeds
  • watering
  • assisting with all the tasks of maintaining a very large garden so it is a complete experience of what it is to live a sustainable life and grow most of one’s own food
  • pruning fruit trees, berry bushes other trees
  • building a chicken house
  • fencing for goats
  • perhaps building a second greenhouse.  


There will support and instruction with all this work.  We also have domes to set up for our summer Retreats so that will be a big learning experience.  We hope to establish a solar power source this spring/summer in addition to our small hydroelectric system so the apprentices would be a part of setting this up.  Later in the year we will be harvesting preserving through freezing, canning and drying all the produce, as well as preparing other foods for our root cellar.


We are seeking workers who are:

  • open
  • fun
  • willing to learn
  • enthusiastic
  • hard working
  • reliable
  • willing to communicate honestly and fully
  • we always have a good time with lots of laughter, so good humor

The Beauty Path


Apprenticeship duration: May 1 to October 31, 2018

Weekly hours: 27 hours, with some variation, depending what is necessary

Compensation: We are offering room and board in a delightful cabin, plus $300 a month (for a couple, each person will receive this stipend.)


Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Will also provide you with much more information when we connect.

The Beauty Path