Posted by Michalina Hunter on February 10, 2021

the quarry farm

Looking for a farm apprenticeship on Vancouver Island? Check out The Quarry Farm on Salt Spring Island!

About The Quarry Farm

We are a small community of growers and nature lovers who were gifted with the opportunity to look after 35 beautiful acres of forest, wetland, mountain bluffs and developing cultivated areas. We have a beautiful house with all modern amenities for meals and free time and a swimming pond on the property. We have lovely swimming lakes nearby and are 10 min away by car from Ganges and Fulford.

The property was originally developed to be subdivided and has three wells and several access roads. The varied topography makes it so that there are several microclimates with good drainage and sun exposure in areas and heavier, cooler growing conditions in others.

The farm is in it’s third year now and produces a variety of vegetables grown on approximately 1 acre for summer and winter CSA boxes, as well as bread and jarred products. We don’t sell at market but have a few other outlets we sell to at peak times.

There’s a small tractor used for tilling in cover crops when necessary, other then that we do everything by hand.

We are certified organic and try to grow our veggies according to the biodynamic principles. We like to use as few machines as possible and we would like to see the farm being self-sustaining and regenerative of the natural ecosystems.

the quarry farm

Desired Qualities

We are looking for people who are keen to learn more about growing food, small scale farming and working together in a small team/community, with the ability to do physical work 5 days a week and have decent communication skills. We value the ability to work independently and creative thinking.

Apprenticeship Tasks

A large variety of tasks, including bed preparation, seeding, transplanting, weeding, watering, harvesting, compost making.

Instruction and Education

There will be at least one experienced farmer working alongside the apprentice at the start of the season. Later on the apprentice will hopefully be comfortable performing certain tasks independently.
There is access to an instructional masterclass online the apprentice is encouraged to watch, and that we’ll watch together.

Additional Learning Resources

There are books and online resources available, and community members can help out with a variety of skills.

the quarry farm

Apprenticeship Details

Duration: Approximately 6 months. Start beginning of April (with the option of March) till the end of September (extension might be possible).

Hours per week: 5 days of 6 hours

Stipend: No stipend in addition to room and board

Room and Board

The private bedroom we provide is in a building separate from the main house, and has access to a living room, kitchen and bathroom (+laundry) that are shared with 2 other people.
The main house is used for our morning meetings and shared meals ( 2 or 3 a day) and the apprentice is encouraged to take turns cooking. Meals will be vegetarian and often vegan.

To Apply

Please email a cover letter and resume to

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