Posted by Moss Dance on January 29, 2018

One Love Farm

One Love Farm near Lillooet, BC has three internship opportunities available for the 2018 season.


Our farm is located on a very scenic and rural Mountain Bench in the rugged Fraser Canyon. We are located twenty minutes from the town of Lillooet, B.C. Town offers an organic sourdough bakery, a well-stocked grocery store, a health food store. We are in a rain shadow but have access to pure gravity fed mountain spring water; providing great conditions for growing and working in. We do not believe in using synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We try to minimize the amount of plastic we produce with the use of soil blockers for propogation. We operate as a small-scale intensive farm producing vegetables, herbs and flowers for the local, Vancouver and Fraser Valley populations and farmer’s markets. We use a small tractor with attachments along with a walk-behind tractor.

We farm with respect for the land, environment and our customers by only using organic and sustainable growing methods. We take pride in growing and providing high quality food suitable for fresh markets. We grow with One Love in mind. We will be seeking organic certification in the near future.

One Love Farm


We are looking for hard-working individuals who are eager to learn and perform the farming methods taught at One Love Farm. We are looking for a full commitment to the full length of the internship and its requirements. We enjoy teaching others and hope to provide a positive, meaningful and practical opportunity for those interested in learning about organic farming. Interns must be able to pay discerning attention to quality control when washing vegetables and preparing food orders. It is also important that they can take and follow direction well and with discernment; in that, they are willing to ask for clarification when required. We are looking for individuals who can work collaboratively and respectfully with others and maintain a positive attitude. Although we will aim to provide a well-rounded teaching experience, interns need to be able to handle the physical and sometimes repetitive work required in farming: harvesting, weeding and planting etc. Lastly, we are a family operation; therefore, it is important that apprentices understand the farm seeks to be a peaceful environment free from excessive partying, noise or negativity.


We will provide a combination and variety of learning experiences working both along side us, with other interns/employees and independently once given direction/demonstration of tasks at hand.

 Our full time farmer is our best resource. He is eager to share his farming practices and will provide one-on-one learning opportunities through demonstrations and discussions on site. Interns will learn about many different aspects to operating a small-scale intensive market farm. Interns are welcome to read from our library of books on organic farming.

One Love Farm


Apprentices will learn and help with:

  • Soil block making
  • planting of seeds
  • transplanting
  • irrigating
  • weeding
  • harvesting and washing and weighing
  • quality control
  • putting orders together


We have three intern positions available in total for 2018. Two positions will be available from May until October 1st (five months). The third position will require someone to start at the beginning of March until Nov 1st (8 months). Interns will have 40 hour work weeks with the possibility of split shifts to avoid working in the full heat of the day.

Room including utilities will be deducted at a monthly rate of $650 from the intern wage: $11.50/hr for 40 hrs a week. Included will be a weekly individual sized vegetable box share from the farm, when in season. Interns will be responsible for their own meal and food purchases and preparations; however, we envision the opportunity for volunteer based communal lunch preparations among One Love Farm residents/staff.

There will be a common kitchen and lounge area for interns only, located on the bottom floor of the farm house, where they can prepare meals and store personal food items.

Private sleeping accommodations are available: there is one room on the same floor of the house as the intern kitchen/common area, bathroom and laundry. And, there are two small room buildings outside and separate from the farm house off of the current fruit orchard. There is an intern bathroom, shower and shared laundry on the bottom floor of the farmhouse as well. The farmer and his family live on the other two upper levels with their own separate kitchen and bathroom. Interns are responsible for supplying their own personal items: soap, shampoo, laundry detergent etc. These must be septic and environmentally friendly. Toilet paper, dish and bathroom hand soap will be provided. 

Interns are also responsible for keeping the common kitchen and lounge clean, organized and free of mess at all times. For example, they will be expected to clean up promptly after preparing a meal in consideration of others. Bathroom cleaning, sweeping, dusting and general cleaning maintenance of the bottom floor will be shared by interns on a weekly rotating basis.

One Love Farm



Applicants should provide a relevant resume and past employer and rental references for the last three years.

Please include the following information:

  • What experience do you have withphysical labour?
  • What general work experience do you have?
  • What do you hope to gain through the intern program?
  • What basic values do you hold the most important?
  • What do you expect from One Love Farm?
  • Do you have any specific needs/requirements when living at One Love Farm?

Please send your application details to: