Posted by Michalina Hunter on January 27, 2020

the beauty path, nelson, apprenticeship, internship

The Beauty Path in Nelson, BC is seeking 2 apprentices for the 2020 season! 

About The Beauty Path

We are a family small holding growing all our own fruits, vegetables, berries. It is not a commercial operation, though we often supply friends and family. We have two good sized greenhouses, start many starts. We do a big composting operation, vermicomposting, and soil testing.
We are looking for a couple who would like to learn and practice all aspects of sustainable country living. We have a small cabin for you to live in. This is a pristine area of mountains and lakes that is wonderful for hiking.

We are not officially certified organic, but we have been organic for forty years, and do not use pesticides, herbicides etc.

the beauty path, nelson, apprenticeship, internship

Desired Qualities

Open, respectful, enthusiastic, willing to learn and work hard, as that is what some of rural sustainable living is about.

Apprenticeship Tasks

Caring for seedlings, soil preparation for planting, planting, weeding, making compost, and other supports for the growing plants, caring for fruit trees, watering, and then harvesting all the bounty.   In July and August we do 4  summer intensives where 12 people come to live here and so helping set up and take down the shelter domes etc. would be involved.

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Instruction & Education

We work along with them, until the task is understood and then they are comfortable, then they may work alone, with each other. We have a huge library on all things re gardening, herbs, sustainable living etc. We also have a meditation space, and practice – do lots of adventures with sound, chanting, and meditation here.

Learning Resources

We are part of an 8 family community on shared land, and each family has their own specific area.  Lots of resources and skills within the community and area.

the beauty path, nelson, apprenticeship, internship

Apprenticeship Details

Duration: May 1 to Oct. 31 usually.

Hours: 25 hours each a week.  If in some weeks more time is needed, we negotiate this and pay the apprentice for the extra work time. (usually $15 an hour).

Stipend: We don’t offer a regular stipend but if more than 25 hours a week is necessary in some weeks we pay $15 an hour for additional hours.

the beauty path, nelson, apprenticeship, internship

Room & Board

Separate cabin very nearby. We will provide food money. Most often we eat dinners together, and so take turns cooking that, and cleaning up. Apprentice couple is responsible for keeping their own cabin clean. Vegetarian and other dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

To Apply

Please submit a resume, cover letter including why you would like this position, offer something about yourself, your goals, and direction in life to

When applying, please mention you saw this posting at

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