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Stein Mountain Farm, lytton, apprenticeship, internship

Stein Mountain Farm in Lytton, BC is seeking an apprentice for the 2020 season! 

About Stein Mountain Farm

We are located in the Fraser Canyon in a beautiful , natural, off grid setting. We have been farming organically since 1985. We are a family farm working together to grow quality produce for the Vancouver markets. We grow many varieties of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions, eggplants, cucumbers, carrots, beets, squash, basil, melons. We have 60 varieties of heirloom apples. We grow cherries, plums, pears, apricots. We use a tractor and tiller for cultivation and bed making, and rely on hand weeding, hoeing, wheel hoe for weed control. We have 6 high tunnels in production and 8 acres of ground crops. In recent years we have begun to use landscape cloth and some plastic mulch to help with weed control and heat for crops that need it. We sell at 4 Vancouver markets per week.

We are certified organic with NOOA. We use cover crops, organic fertilizer, rock dust, worm castings for soil enhancement.  We use mostly open pollinated, organic seed.

Stein Mountain Farm, lytton, apprenticeship, internship

Desired Qualities

We are looking for apprentices who want to learn about organic farming, and are willing to put their heart into the seasons crops. We all feel proud of the produce we take to market and hope that apprentices will share in this sense of accomplishment.

Apprenticeship Tasks

Apprentices will take part in planting, transplanting, bed making, trellising tomatoes and cucumbers, weeding, irrigation, harvesting, and cleaning produce for market.

Instruction & Education

We work alongside of apprentices, as well as giving opportunity for independent work. Instructions are given and demonstrated as we work together. Extra time can be spent after hours for those who want to learn bookkeeping. Market experience is included occasionally.

Stein Mountain Farm, lytton, apprenticeship, internship

Learning Resources

We have a great library for apprentices to use. There are many educational Organic farming books.
There are 5 experienced farmers that will be willing to share their skills and knowledge.

Apprenticeship Details

Duration: Start date is mid April to early May and goes until the end of October.

Hours:  8 hours per day approximately, 6 days per week.

Stipend: Apprentices receive $200.00 per week.

Room & Board

Apprentices are given their own cabin for the season with minimal power for lights and charging.  WiFi is available. We have an outdoor shower, outhouse and washing machine. There is a great pond for swimming. Food is provided for all meals. We eat a wonderful vegetarian lunch together and apprentices are responsible for making there own Breakfast and Super in there own cabins. Cooking facilities are available in each cabin.  We have children that join us in the day’s activities.

Stein Mountain Farm, lytton, apprenticeship, internship

To Apply

Please send us a resume, cover letter and references to Erin at Experience is not needed but enthusiasm is!

Learn More About Stein Mountain Farm


Instagram: @steinmountainfarm

Videos from Stein Mountain Farm!

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10 thoughts on “APPRENTICESHIP: LYTTON, BC – Stein Mountain Farm

  1. The person in the bottom right of pic may be a lost friend I’ve been looking for. Is his last name North and was he partnered with Australian Kim Inskip in early 1980’s ? They had a child together. I’ve looked for Kim and I know they settled in that area.

    1. I’m not sure, but you could inquire with the farm! Their social handles and contact email is in the posting above.


    2. alex is in lilloett hes was incharge of a group of tree planters they used my cooler for there trees I could probily find his #

    3. HI Daine, I just saw your comment. Sorry we did not see it sooner. That is not Alex in the picture but we do know him, He is a very good friend of ours. Would you like Kim’s E-mail?

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