Apprenticeship: Aurora Gardens, Nelson, BC

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Welcome to Aurora Gardens!

They are looking for apprentices/ helpers from March 15 /April 1st and onwards until the end of November (weather dependent). They prefer Helpers who can stay for at least 8 weeks, though depending on needs and the time of year will consider a shorter stay.

Aurora Gardens is a small organic market garden, providing vegetables, berries, herbs and edible flowers to a Local food Co-op, a retail farmers market, restaurants, and families in the Nelson area. The husband and wife have been running the market garden for 13 years and hosting Helpers for just as long. Gardening experience is not essential but prefer a desire and willingness to learn. There is room for inspiration and creativity here. If you have an interest in guiding and teaching others you can take on various challenges in the leaderships aspects of the garden operation.

Apprentices/Helpers should have a serious and genuine interest in learning organic market gardening skills. You must be teachable, able to follow directions, ask questions as needed, and able to work cooperatively with others as well as  individually. You should be reliable, honest, responsible, physically fit, enjoy outdoor work and be able to work in all weather conditions.

Aurora Gardens Produce

You will have an opportunity to learn about organic gardening, permaculture, a large variety of different food plants, drying and processing, as well as local food networks, and what it takes to run a successful small business. As an apprentice/Helper, you will be working with owners & other helpers in the vegetable and berry gardens, planting, weeding, harvesting, mulching, pruning, learning how to make compost, and many more tasks that are all part of growing a successful garden.

Understanding the need for a balance between work and recreation, the work arrangement is different than traditional Helper/Apprentices. You will work for only 2 hours of work a day in exchange for accommodation and utilities only. Alternatively, Helpers can work two 7-hour days and have 5 free days for exploring the Kootenays, or for working a paid summer job “off farm.” It would be up to you to find “off farm work .” There are quite a few paid summer jobs in the area.

Helpers have a private clean room in our home, a space in one of two of our caravans, or a large tent complete with futon frame bed & mattress. Share a fully furnished kitchen, living area, and laundry with wireless Internet provided. Sorry, meals are not provided (except for some garden produce that you can arrange to trade extra hours of help for). You will need to have enough monetary funds to supply your own personal needs.

Aurora Gardens

Aurora Gardens is an easy 20 minute car ride from the cafes, pubs and stores of Nelson, and 10 minutes from Balfour. There is a very dependable bus service available just minute from the garden to get you to Nelson and other destinations. Please Google earth 5715 Longbeach Rd Nelson v1l 6p1 to see exactly where its located.

There is forest to explore above the property with many hiking and biking trails. Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park is a 10min bicycle ride. A semi-private beach is just 5 minutes down the road for swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. There are bikes for you to use, a badminton court, and two hammocks under the walnut tree as well as a fire pit to cozy up to & enjoy with friends on those starry nights .

Adult oriented (sorry no kids or pets) No smoking in the house. Please bring appropriate clothing and foot wear.

To apply, please e-mail your resume or a brief covering letter to:
Or call 250 229-4346 and ask for Bren.

4 thoughts on “Apprenticeship: Aurora Gardens, Nelson, BC

  1. Hello There!

    How are you?

    My Name is Barry Riggs. I stumbled across your website while searching for excellent intentional communities in the Nelson Area. I will be travelling to the Nelson Area come late May and am looking for a work trade for accommodation type setting. I have read your page and truly like your values. I am seeking an opportunity to give back to the community and learn new valuable skills, while trading skills that I possess and can teach any willing soul that would like to learn. I like to consider my self very outgoing, easily approachable, teachable, patient, and efficient. I am also a Jack of all trades, able to learn new skills very quickly. Some of the skills I can contribute are carpentry, gardening/horticulture, landscaping, general repairs, and some automotive knowledge just to name a few. I would like to learn more about your community and any other information you are able to give me.

    I do not require a lot in regards to accommodations as I was planning to be doing a lot of camping. So even a small area on your land where I could set up a tent/ Tarp area.

    I am extremely respectful of the land and follow the model of leaving the land as I have found it.

    I am looking forward to hearing from your community
    I have a cell phone to be reached over the phone if you prefer to speak to me directly

    Thank you!

    Barry Riggs

  2. Hi Bren,
    I live close by and was wondering if you required any help during this down time? Please let me know if you are still up and running. Thank you very much.

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