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Posted by Sara Dent on February 19, 2013

Looking For Farm Apprentices This Summer? Look No Further!

          Who We Are:

An enthusiastic group of 5 future farmers, looking to develop the necessary skills to start our own farm. We are a cohesive, well educated, hardworking, friendly, dynamic group that lives and works well together. Collectively, we have more than 7 years of farm experience, 5 BAs, 2 MAs, 5 years of communal living and a wealth of relevant skills, from lacto-fermentation to carpentry to CSA management to raising chickens. Although all of us have worked on farms in the past, we’d like to transition from WWOOFers and farm laborers to full-fledged young farmers, capable of managing the myriad responsibilities of small-scale farming.


We’re looking for a small to medium-scale farm. Preferably on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands that can help us become experienced farmers. We’re out to learn anything and everything we can, from planning and management to daily operations to construction and maintenance of farm infrastructure. Some of us (2-4) are available to start immediately (in either a part-time or a full-time capacity) with the remainder becoming available around the beginning of May (flexible). All of us are willing and eager to continue through the end of the fall season (although this is also flexible, depending on your needs).       What Can We Offer?Collectively, we hold a variety of skills, strengths, degrees, and interests, which enable us to contribute to farm life in a well-rounded way. We know how to take care of each other and ourselves, and are confident that you’ll find us extraordinarily relaxed and easy to work with.

          Here are a few things we can offer:

 –       Creative Problem-Solving

–       Non-Violent Communication

–       Living Collectively in Small Spaces

–       Carpentry

–       Chicken Care

–       Website Design, Promotion, Marketing

–       Fundraising

–       Plenty of Weeding/Farm Labor

–       Cooking For Large Groups

–       Bread and Delicious Pastry Baking

–       Lacto-Fermentation and Sprouting

–       Yogurt-Making

–       Beer and Cider Brewing

–       Music-Making and Appreciation

–       Childcare

–       A Strong Work Ethic

–       A Passionate Commitment to Small-Scale Farming


        What Sort of Farm Are We Looking For?

A place where we can learn by doing: by helping you with day to day tasks, and asking lots and lots of questions. We’re hoping to build our knowledge of how to run our own farm in the near future. We are broadly interested in organic agriculture, but literal certification is much less important to us than working on a farm that is small-scale and geared towards sustainability: a place that is conscious and mindful of its community presence and environmental impact.

          Our Farm Education So Far:

 –       ACORN Conference, Young Farmer’s Symposium (Sackville, NB).

–       Young Farmer’s Conference

(Stone Barns Centre, NY).

–       Ample WWOOFing Experience

(Duncan, Sooke & Haida Gwaaii, Sackville. NB, Wolfville & Centreville, NS, Venosta, QC, Bogota Suma, Croatia, Peru, Genova, Italy).

–       Urban Farming at Mason Street Farms (Victoria BC).

–       Farmstand Market Vendor Experience at Markets Large and Small (Halifax Farmer’s Market, Kingston, Sussex & St. John’s City Market).

–       CSA Planning and Management, (Whaelghinbran Farm, NB).

–       Full-Season Farm Apprenticeships  (Whaelghinbran Farm, NB).

        We’re Especially Interested in Learning  More About:

–       Infrastructure Development

–       Soil Management

–       Engine Mechanics

–       Seed Saving

–       Composting and Compost Tea

–       Weed Management

–       Crop Storage

–       Livestock Management

–       Financial Planning

–       Promotion and Sales

–       Crop Planning

–       Record Keeping

–       Carpentry and Building

–       Permaculture

         What Sort Of Compensation Do We Seek?

Room and Board

(Can be tenting/outdoor/shared space)

A Minimal Living Stipend

(Ideally $200-$500 each/month)

Daunted? Don’t be! Everything listed above is negotiable. Let a few of us come introduce ourselves. We’re convinced we can win you over!

          Anything Else? Oh Yes! Our names:

Heather Syposz             Hannah Hunter

Caleb Langille                Natalie Childs

Patrick Anderson

           We Can’t Wait To Meet You!




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