A Delicious Helping of Audio for Aspiring Farmers and Apprentices

Posted by Jordan Marr on February 05, 2014

I put out a podcast over at The Ruminant, and the latest episode seems appropriate to share here at Young Agrarians. It features part of a recent conversation I recorded with Heather Stretch, of Northbrook Farm and Saanich Organics and All The Dirt  and being awesome fame.

Heather is very thoughtful and full of integrity, which makes her a great person to ask about what she would do differently if she were to start her farm all over again, and how an apprenticeship can be structured to suit the needs of both the farmer and the student. She should know; she has hosted many apprentices over the years, and many of those have stayed on as full time staff or to start their own ventures on some of her land.

Heather is the co-author of All the Dirt: Reflections on Organic Farming. The episode is around 37 minutes long.

You can stream or download the audio here.

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