LAND OPPORTUNITY: 3.5 recently cultivated acres, SE Kelowna, BC

Posted by Tessa Thompson on February 11, 2021

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This lovely 4.2 acre Southeast Kelowna farm (Black Raven Farm) is fully deer fenced and has farm gated access from Saucier Road. It is irrigated good soil with approximately 3.5 acres available to lease.  Former crops grown on this property include wine grapes, red and golden delicious apples, and Blackberries, Blueberries, Haskaps. The berries have been removed and approximately 2 acres of fall rye planted on the upper portion.  The property has good drainage, and has a slope toward the west.  The fall rye will need to be tilled in prior to planting to help enrich the soil.  Currently bare land except for 4 rows of blueberries.  The land has been certified organic via NOAA and PACS by the 2 previous farmers who had long term leases.   


The property owner lives on site in the home which is separate from the 3.5 acres via a separate fenced area at the top/east of the property.   The owner’s goal is to continue to see the land farmed, using organic farming principles, as well as achieve a gross production that meets the BC Assessment requirements for farm status.  The landowner is wanting to engage the interest of a farmer who ideally would lease the entire 3.5 acres, and is open to leasing a minimum of 1 acre with the potential/plan for expanding their farming operation after an initial trial year, leading to a longer term lease.   Another option is to lease the other 2.5 acres to an additional farmer and work both parts of the farmland.

The farmer will need their own tractor/equipment or access to that, general farm liability insurance,  as well as personal references and any other information you feel is useful for the owner to know. 


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