JAN 12, 2021: Farm Transition Appreciation Day

Posted by Michalina Hunter on January 05, 2021

farm transition appreciation day

The first-ever Farm Transition Appreciation Day (FTADay) is taking place online and on farms across Canada on January 12, 2021!

What is Farm Transition Appreciation Day?

FTADay celebrates all the steps in farm transition planning – from encouraging the first conversations to signing your wills. No matter where families are on the transition journey, all generations of farmers can take advantage of the free learning opportunities being offered by experts on farm transition planning and communication issues on Jan 12. These virtual webinars are organized by Farm Management Canada, sponsored by Farm Life Financials and with offerings from many in the industry who specialize in farm transition. Young Agrarians is excited to participate in FTADay and will be offering insights into non-family transition!

Most importantly, FTADay is one day of the year when farm families can come together on social media to share our stories, solutions and encourage others through farm succession. Jan 12, 2021 will also be the launch of FMC’s Farm Transition toolkit, an online collection of information and tools about succession gathered together for farm families to easily locate.

“FTADay is not only a celebration, it’s a call to action, a 2021 resolution to start and get transition planning done,” says Heather Watson, executive director Farm Management Canada. “By pledging to make and follow-through with a transition plan, farmers are not only building their own legacy, but ensuring the continuity of Canada’s agricultural excellence through effective management planning.”

Over the next 10 years, 75% farms will change hands, yet only 8% of farmers have a written transition plan. This uncertainty about the future of the farm is putting tremendous stress on our farmers and future farmers and jeopardizes the future of farming in Canada.

Young Agrarians Webinar: Non-Family Farm Transition 101

As part of the celebration, we will be leading a webinar on non-family farm transition from 11am-12:30pm, PST on Jan 12. Join BC Land Matching Program manager Darcy Smith and Prairies Program Manager Dana Penrice to see what’s unique about non-family transition, and get inspired about your next steps. Register for the webinar here.

If you’re looking for more information on this topic, be sure to check out our new BC Transition Toolkit for Non-Family Farm Transfer!

Webinar Schedule

Register for the other free webinars offered on Jan 12:

7-8am, PST: Courageous Conversations: Tackling Family Dynamics

7-8am, PST: Growth and Flexibility for Today’s Farm Families

8-9am, PST: Clarity on Cashflow: Farm Succession and Transition Livelihood

9-10am, PST: Tax Considerations for Intergenerational Farm Transfers 

9-10am, PST: Converting to a Co-operative: Something you maybe hadn’t thought about? 

10-11am, PST: How to Get Your Farm’s Estate Plans to the Finish Line

11am-12:30pm, PST: Non-Family Transition 101

11am-12:30pm, PST: Navigating Family Participation  

Visit farmtransitionguide.ca to find everything related to farm transition planning in Canada.