Ecological Workshops for Small-Scale Farmers – Vancouver Summer 2019

Posted by Michalina Hunter on June 25, 2019

Are you a small scale farmer in Metro Vancouver, looking to learn more about ecological farming methods? Check out the following workshops from SPEC coming up this August. Registration is free!

Tuesday August 6: Cover Cropping Workshop

1:00 pm at Tsawassen Farm School (4996 28th Avenue, Tsawwasen)

If you are a small-scale farmer in Metro Vancouver interested in increasing your knowledge about Cover Cropping Practices, this is the place for you! We are bringing together three experts in this field: Art Bomke is a Professor Emeritus at UBC and has spent decades studying local cover crop varieties; Corine Singfield is a local farmer, teacher, and community organizer with an interest and experience in cover cropping; Grace Augustinowicz is a research associate at the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems at KPU and has been researching agricultural systems for many years. Expect to come away equipped with the knowledge to successfully cover crop on your farm!

Wednesday August 14: On-Farm Drainage Workshop

1:00 pm at Richmond Farm School (13840 Gilbert Rd, Richmond)

Join us for an afternoon of in-depth information about how to optimize the drainage on your farm, with local expert Yuko Suda! Yuko is a local small-scale farmer and an engineer, and has expertise in dealing with on-farm drainage issues. Expect to come away with a new understanding of the different reasons why water may be accumulating on your farm, and some ideas of how to address the challenges excess water poses.

Wednesday August 21: Pollinator Diversity Workshop

1:00 pm at Richmond Farm School (13840 Gilbert Rd, Richmond)

Ever wonder what type of bee it is that you found on a local flower? And what you can do on your small farm to encourage a diversity of native bees? Join local native bee expert Tyler Kelly as we explore the local bee diversity and discuss management strategies to help their populations thrive.

Saturday August 24; Practical Integrated Pest Management Workshop

1:00 pm at Richmond Farm School (13840 Gilbert Rd, Richmond)

Nobody likes plant pests and diseases, and a bit of knowledge can go a long way to help. Local experts from E.S. Cropconsult spend their days immersed in the world of insects and pathogens that affect local crops, and we are lucky to have them host this afternoon session about local pests and diseases. Prepare to come away from this workshop with a plethora of strategies for identifying, monitoring, and combatting pests and diseases on your small farm. 

Friday, August 30: Building Healthy Soils Workshop

1:00 pm at Richmond Farm School (13840 Gilbert Rd, Richmond)

Healthy crops start from the ground up, and in this workshop for small-scale farmers in Metro Vancouver, you will learn about how to maximize your soil fertility using environmentally friendly methods. A suite of local experts will cover topics from soil testing, local soil types, crop-specific nutrient needs to locally available composts and targeted nutrient application, and the focus will be on methods relevant to local small-scale farmers.

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