2015 Seed Mentorship Program

Posted by Chris Thoreau on April 14, 2015

BC Seeds and FarmFolk CityFolk are happy to announce our 2015 Seed Mentorship Program!

This program will match up new and eager seed growers with experienced seed growers throughout the province for a unique season-long Mentorship opportunity.

Potential Mentors – Are you an experienced seed grower in BC and want to share your knowledge with others? Mentors will play an important role in guiding Mentees through the seed-growing season and offering hands-on opportunities when possible. This transfer of knowledge and experience is important to the growth and resilience of our local seed system.

Potential Mentees (yes, that is a word!) – Are you a BC-based farmer wanting to increase your seed production knowledge and experience? Selected Mentees will receive 25 or more hours of one-on-one support from a Mentor and become part of one of Canada’s most diverse and experienced seed-growing communities. Mentorship will happen by phone, email and where possible through in-person meetings.

Mentors will help guide new seed growers through the season, introducing basic seed saving and plant breeding concepts and important in-field tasks leading up to the harvest, processing, and packaging of seeds at the end of the season.

The program runs from May through November. Application Deadline: April 27, 2015

For more information on the program and application forms please visit the BC Seeds website.

Fill out the Mentee Application here.

Fill out the Mentor Application here.

This program is part of a nationwide program funded through USC Canada’s Bauta Initiative with the goal of building a national movement to conserve and advance seed biodiversity, keep seed in the public domain, and promote ecological seed production.