September 7: Creston Valley Tour de Farm!

Posted by Laura Hannant on August 06, 2014

Get your bicycles tune-up and your picnic baskets stocked-up, it’s time for the first-ever, hopefully-annual Creston Valley Tour de Farm!

What: We will meet in downtown Creston and take off for a day of exploring farms in the southern half of the Valley.  Our mission is to showcase the Creston Valley’s agricultural diversity.  Stops along the 26km route will include: a dairy and fromagerie, a small-scale grain farm, a market garden, an orchard, a small-scale greenhouse and livestock farm, and (fingers crossed) a vineyard and winery!

When: Sunday, September 7th, 10:00am to 4:00pm (depending on biking speed)

Where: Meet at the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce parking lot  – 121 Northwest Blvd./Hwy 3

What to bring: Lots of water, your own food for the day, your bicycle, helmet, snazzy bike gloves, etc.

kootmeadowsKootenay Meadows / Kootenay Alpine Cheese

Kootenay Meadows is the region’s premier organic dairy and fromagerie.  The family farm follows careful land and livestock stewardship practices and innovates new ways of delivering fresh grass-based dairy products and handcrafted artisanal cheeses to local eaters.  Kootenay Meadows works to cultivate ecological sustainability and food culture.  They nurture the health of their soils, fine-tune their facilities and processing to be as low-energy and low-impact as possible, and celebrate the fact that small farms can make for flavourful, nutritious foods that taste of the local landscape.

fullcircleFull Circle Farm

Full Circle Farm is an organic grain farm and market garden in Canyon.  On the farm, Drew Galius and his wife Joanne strive to grow wholesome food in wholesome ways – in fact, their last year has been all about rethinking how they will farm into the future in ways that care more fully for people and the earth.  Drew does more and more of his with an electric solar tractor that he designed and built himself, and passion for becoming a carbon neutral food source for their community is driving other innovations on the farm. Full Circle’s main crops are hard spring wheat, spelt, rye, khorasan, and potatoes, which they grow for the local Harvest Share program.

mandmMo & Mikey Farms

When Michael and Maureen Byrne retired from city life to live in the Creston Valley, they knew that they would garden and grow some of their own food.  They didn’t know that their property would inspire a market garden business and a dream of preserving farm land for future farmers.  Today, Mo & Mikey Farms is a two-family, two-generation certified Kootenay Mountain Grown farm.  Together with Kootenay YA coordinators, Laura and Nigel, Mike and Maureen grow a huge variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruits.  The four are also working to create a Kootenay model for land sharing and farm succession planning.

JRD3JRD Farm / William Tell Juice Company

RD Farms is a mixed orchard planted with a variety of apples, pears, peaches, plums, and apricots, as well as three clones of Pinot Noir.  The slope and aspect of the property make it one of the warmest in the Valley.  Young farmer Dave Mutch and his family sell their fresh fruit locally. They also use some of their apples and pears to produce Mad Trapper Old Fashioned Apple Cider and William Tell, Sparkling Old Fashioned Apple and Pear Cider.

RnV1Root & Vine Acres

At Erickson’s Root & Vine Acres there is always a new project on the go – highlights this year include a new permaculture inspired garden patch and new homes for new animals.  The small mixed farm is stewarded by Jessica Piccinin whose friends and family help her to raise chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and horses, as well fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more.  Root & Vine sells meats, eggs, produce, and nursery plants from their farm and at the Nelson and Creston farmers’ markets.

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Thanks to Columbia Basin Trust and Town of Creston for supporting this YA event!