LAND OPPORTUNITY: 2 -3 acres available for cultivation, Enderby, B.C.

Posted by Tessa Thompson on February 13, 2023

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The land is 21 acres total, with a gradual east facing slope. There is a total of 11 arable acres, currently 4 that are cultivated. 2-3 of the cultivated acres are available for lease.

We have some fruit trees and berries (~1ac) that we will tend, harvest and sell some of. We only do this as hobby farming. Would love to have more farming activity happening on the land and would love to have someone farming it full time that could make a living and have a business either partially or fully based on the property. The land is Certified Organic with North Okanagan Organic Association. We would like the farmer to use organic practices, and it would be great if the farmers were keen to use the certified organic status as well.


There are 4 barn buildings on the property. We are happy to dedicate some space in one of them for a farmer to store equipment, and/or have a small processing space onsite.

There is a small greenhouse that is for our home use only. There is space if someone wants to set up a greenhouse.  There is a perimeter fence in some areas, but not all the way around. There is a 1 acre piece that has fence posts (no fencing), and has been used for goat pasture in the past. We are open to discussing someone wanting to use this paddock and the small livestock barn for some form of livestock (sheep, goats, horses?) but the interested party would have to fence it, etc… There is a pump in a culvert well that allows 30 gal/minute of irrigating in the mid-summer. We have several irrigation lines that deliver this water throughout the cultivated areas. We would arrange an irrigation schedule with the farmers.

The soil is a lovely loam. Some areas are more sandy, some areas higher clay. pH is high – average 7.3+. Some area have high organic matter. Composted manure has been added to regularly to all cultivated areas for past 6+ years.

There is a main entrance off Springbend Road, and also an entrance from the top of the field off Wilkinson Road (side Road off Springbend). We prefer to the farmer to use the entrance at the top of the field off Wilkinson, and they will mostly have exclusive access to this entrance.

There is not currently housing available on the land, but we are open to discussing a farmer setting up a mobile trailer or similar on the property for living during the growing season.


Someone who is super excited about growing chemical free food and plants.


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