SOLEFood Street Farms Apprenticeship

Posted by Sara Dent on March 21, 2013

SOLEFOOD STREET FARMS 2013 APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM An internship at SoleFood Street Farms is for individuals with a serious interest in gaining the skills necessary to grow food for market or those who are interested in exploring farming as a career. The program provides each participant with the opportunity to spend a season working on an urban farming operation. Most of the education will be through hands-on experience and the skills learned will be focused on agriculture and social sustainability in an urban context.We have a diverse, innovative urban farming operation, which requires a wide range of skills: greenhouse seedling production, field planting, weeding and harvesting, produce deliveries, and building and repairing infrastructure. We work in a neighbourhood that is experiencing significant social /economic challenges. Be prepared for physically and emotionally demanding work.ABOUT SOLEFOOD STREET FARMS

SoleFood Street Farms transforms vacant urban land into street farms that grow artisan quality fruits and vegetables.  Our mission is to empower individuals with limited resources by providing jobs, agricultural training and inclusion in a supportive community of farmers and food lovers.

SoleFood Street Farms is in its fourth year of operation. In our first growing season (2009), over 100 volunteers joined together to build a half-acre farm on a vacant parking lot beside the Astoria Hotel. We have provided employment for 35 residents of the downtown eastside, produced over 15.5 tons of food, generated and donated over 11,000 pounds of fresh healthy produce to inner city food agencies.

This past season we expanded our operation to include three additional sites, totaling four acres of growing space. These sites include a privately owned parking lot and two city owned brownfields. We are modeling innovative ways of growing food in vacant urban spaces and in abandoned lots with contaminated soils. Our approach is re-envisioning and repurposing vacant lands to improve the food security of our local communities, while providing meaningful employment for people who face systemic barriers to accessing and maintaining traditional employment.



* · The apprenticeship begins May 1st and ends October 31st. We cannot make commitments for work beyond the end of October.
* · Your time commitment is approx. 40+ hrs/week, Monday through Friday, with some room for flexibility if help is needed at the farmers markets or with weekend chores.
* · The midseason work schedule starts at 6:30am with one-hour lunch breaks. We aim to end by 5 or 6pm every day. The exception may be on harvest days or for special projects.
* · We will go over the duties classes and chore schedule at the beginning of the season.
* · Be punctual; be prepared to work at the designated time, with the necessary tools, and proper clothing. Closed toed shoes are required at all time on the farm.
* · Two weeks advance notice are required for Vacation breaks.


* Your stipend is $300/month first two months -$700/month next four months.
* Paydays last Friday of the month.
* When appropriate we will help you obtain university/college credit.


* · Rain Gear
* · Rubber boots
* · Sunhat
* · Water bottle


While some exposure to commercial agriculture is preferred, it is not required as long as one has a good attitude and work ethic.

Our ideal candidate has:

· A serious interest in farming as a lifestyle and/or livelihood

· Physical ability to carry out farm tasks

· Lots of energy and highly motivated

· A mind for efficiency

· Open and positive communication skills

· Open to learning

· A friendly personality and willingness to spend time with customers, chefs, and CSA members

· Interest in social enterprise

· Sense of humour


Please answer the following questions as part of your application:

How does an agricultural experience such as this program fit in with your future plans?

Why do you think an internship program is good for you?

What previous agriculture experience do you have?

What physical limitations do you have to perform farm tasks?

Can you commit to six months?

Do you have experience working in challenging communities?

What other relevant skills do you have?

Tell us any details about yourself, including allergies, etc.



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