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Metchosin, BC: Heather Ramsay on Farming

Posted by Moss Dance on October 17, 2014 2 Comments

Heather with daikon

Heather Ramsay is a young farmer and business partner at Uminami Farm in Metchosin. She wants you to know: “Uminami Farm isn’t just me…it’s owned and co-run by Yoshiko Unno (the boss :-).  We also have three employees (one currently on maternity leave) and a host of volunteers, who are all integral members of the farm family. “ Heather is learning a lot about machinery maintenance at Uminami, and she’ll be sharing her skills and expertise with us at the October 26 Gathering in the Greenhouse at Uminami Farm!  We love this farmer profile format created by the National Farmers’ Union! Check out more inspiring farmer … Continue reading Metchosin, BC: Heather Ramsay on Farming